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  1. A

    What Are the disadvantages of not having a site title?

    i have a travel site and and my site is about 30-40 pages and all the pages has meta title, description & keywords with a good amount of content. My site title is "your site" (i am not revealing my domain). Should i optimized the site title or not? please give your suggestion.
  2. L

    Help Need. Site Title and Meta description not displaying correctly

    Hello I need help with this. Site Title and Meta description not displaying correctly. I just a few days a google updated a clients meta description and site title, and when i publish changes made to the website, Google and other search engines, didn't display the new meta description and site...
  3. B

    Google hasn't changed site title!

    Hello! I have a newly launched site,but I didn't have the result while I am searching using the keywords in google,so I decided to edit my site title and meta tags for better search result.But while I am searching my site after editing is done,the outcome is same,google is showing my old title...
  4. R

    Changed the Site Title - Serps going bum bum

    Hi guys, I really need an advice ! After a week ranking in serps on page 1, yesterday I've decided to change my site's title to be more "customer friendly" but I've used the same keywords that were used in the initial title that I was ranking for. Also I've modified a little bit the...
  5. egomOnia

    Wordpress - "php if in_title"

    Is there some way to check if there's a certain keyword in a wordpress post title? According to the wordpress codex, there are functions like is_category, in_category or has_tags to check if a post is in a certain category or uses specific tags. But I need something like an "in_title" function...
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