Google hasn't changed site title!


Jun 12, 2013
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I have a newly launched site,but I didn't have the result while I am searching using the keywords in google,so I decided to edit my site title and meta tags for better search result.But while I am searching my site after editing is done,the outcome is same,google is showing my old title! How much time does google takes to reflect my changed site title?
Wait for 48-72 hours if you site indexes then you can see fast changes !!
So lets wait and see
It depends. If you have a sitemap installed for example I have my website set for google to crawl once a month. I have been waiting on my site title to update for about a month now. If your sites indexed though it should be fairly quick
Thanks for the reply guys,yes my sitemap is installed,let's's better to wait for some days.,.
How much time does google takes to reflect my changed site title?
You need to check the cache of your website in Google and check the last update time. Do you already see a new version of your title?
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