site creation

  1. D

    Looking for a serious guy who can create a site for my flooring business. Site will be on adwords

    Looking for somebody who can put my ideas on a website.
  2. pulkitseo

    Do I need licence to start with a news site?

    Do I need licence to start with a news site?if yes from where can I get it? The site i would want will have different perspective of what media shows
  3. T

    Website creation/marketing/consulting business question(s)

    I've been a toying with the idea of offering website creation and marketing services for local companies, but always have this one problem stopping me, and that is: how much skill really is needed? What I mean is, I have at least basic knowledge of html/php/css and know my way around Wordpress...
  4. xbox360gurl70s

    Make a mini Site in 10 minutes FLAT - EASIER than WP, Easier than anything Else out there

    You wanna know our secret??? We have 600 Blogger blogs for the past 6 years since 2004 But in the past 2 months we have around 200 sites made using this simple CMS and free open source beautiful software that gets installed in a PHP server. Enjoy my share guys...
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