1. H

    Make a music channel grow?

    So, I know this up and coming singer/songwriter who is starting to get her feet on the ground in the industry. I love her music and she's a great person, I'd really like to see her succeed. Her SoundCloud is starting to move, but her YouTube presence is stagnant (I don't think they're focused...
  2. M

    Newbie Filipino Represent

    Heyaaa. Nice meeting ya'll
  3. BuzzLT22

    [Journey] Started from the bottom and be a famous artist!

    Hello all my friends! Hope you are well! I want you to discover a new thing that we plan to do! The Idea is to develop my best friend to become a rap artist in the world of music. It's not really rap, it's a mix of rap and rnb (The Weeknd, NAV, Durk). We come from France and we don't have...
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