1. M0805

    How I Beat Procrastination

    This is one of the methods I use to overcome the problem of losing clients from my agency because of procrastination. Please understand, it's not some super-secret technique that nobody knows about. If you're expecting that, I'm sorry, but this post won't help you. I've tried various things...
  2. D

    FollowPlanner ✅ The Smart Instagram Automation Bot ✅ Insane Instagram Growth Hacking Tool!

    Thread temporarily closed - OP request. Stop buying fake followers and start flooding your account with real, engaging followers with FollowPlanner! Click here to sign up for a free 7-day trial of FollowPlanner and start growing your Instagram account today! Why should you try...
  3. Major_Tso

    Web Design Cold Calling and Cold Emailing Journey

    Intro(Why I'm Leaving My Last Journey) Hey guys, you can see I've been trolled a bit in the lounge for asking about guru courses. So, I've confirmed there aren't shortcuts. That's fine haha. Now, I've gotten a quite a few jobs on Textbroker. But, I don't care to do the most crowded thing on the...
  4. stevemib

    99% of you are better than me in IM

    Im like this old dog that keeps coming back to the same owner. I was thinking Lassie. Great book........fuck the movie read the book. I want to say super thanks for BHW, Diamond Dave......Bassboats........and I can go on. So many more to mention but I dont have time to think .....literally I...
  5. TheTyper

    My Journey to NSN: "Not So Newbie" Challenge!

    NSN The "Not So Newbie" Challenge a journey by TheTyper Hello, I am beginning with the most simple tools, no blackhat at all, and I am, yes, a complete newbie. A big one. I started this day, my first one on the decision of being a newbie no more. My goal...
  6. M

    Soundcloud Bot which only increase the plays

    Hi everyone I am searching for a simple working bot which only increase the plays on soundcloud. please link me the download. I tried rootjazz and clouddominator both are not working atm HELP pls thank you in advance.
  7. S

    am looking for someone who can make a simple bot that can post to one site

    am looking for someone who can make a simple bot that can post to one site ,
  8. W

    Feedback on a few graphic projects?

    Hi! I posted something similar a few months back, but I've made a lot more since then, and I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys. Here are some of them: By the way, if any of you have any questions, contact me on skype; Thanks...
  9. M

    Am I missing out on money?

    OK, firstly I just want to say what a great forum this is. LOTS to read (even though I dont understand much of it but I'm trying) and some very clever ideas. Now, here's my question. I have 2 sites, both on page 1 of Google, one number 2 and the other number 5. I have used Linkcollider (which I...
  10. D

    [METHOD] Complete Noob Here Making Some Money Hopefully (No Investment)

    Ok, I know pretty much nothing about IM etc. but when I was looking through the forum I got any idea. It will hopefully make me some money soon, though I might need some peoples help. 1. Save a whole load of funny photos, maybe 30-40. If you need it there is a firefox add-on called DownThemAll...
  11. D

    simple WhiteHat way of using Fiverr

    Hi guys and girls :) I suppose most of us buy and sell stuff and services in Fiverr. Let me share my way of whitehat Fiverr approach: 1) take a look in calendar and find a seasonal holiday, in this case Valentine's day 2) order 3 different videos from 3 different sellers 3) Create keyword...
  12. M

    [get] wordpress on sqlite!

    Hi no more install mysql DB for 3-6 pages "wordpress niche sites" just upload and run! Perfect to speed bulid seo linkfarms, swl pt. gen sites and similar.. Make wordpresss blog in 3 min! Download package: q(dotzz)gs/575603/wpsqlite just upload for serv and use (chmod's) 777 for folders: -...
  13. osho619

    How can I earn 20 $ a day without investment

    Hello everybody i am from india, I want a simple money making method online without investment , i want to earn 20 $ a day can anybody tell me which simple method can I use.
  14. H

    Simple landing page template for BloGGer (free service)

    hi everyone, this is my personal favorite method for creating landing pages for many products. is free. to install the landing page template, go to Design , Edit Html , Click Expand Widgets and copy and paste the code , Click save and your all done! Dont forget when you save to...
  15. N

    Spammer tool

    this is a simple free spammer tool,after you download it you will need to use win rar and there is a text document telling you how to use it...if you dont know what a spammer tool is...then why are you here? :P pm me for details
  16. M

    Different Home Page for Google Bot than For Normal Users

    Lets say i have domain In case google bot access my site i would like to serve as home page. In all other cases home page should be as normal (accessed through - default root pahe is index.php) So far i come up with this...
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