1. splishsplash

    [SEO Siloing: 2023] The Last Siloing Guide You'll Ever Need

    The Last Era of SEO At last, it's here. The very last guide you'll ever need for SEO. We are in the final days of SEO now folks. AI is changing the game.. Google is working on generative search ( Finally, SEO really is going to die...
  2. A

    How to silo ecom with informational articles

    I understand the concept of silos, and thanks to them, I believe I rank on Google with my affiliate and information based websites. But now, I would like to use it on my new e-commerce project, and I would like to use informational articles on e-commerce stores to get an edge over my...
  3. savobaby

    Internal linking is a must

    The site is 3 months old. Only built branded web 2.0's (and post manually written content every month or so) which link back to my site. Since it's sort of a micro-niche site, I was able to link ALL of my pages together internally, all extremely relevant. After the internal linking, my site...
  4. thethirdtier

    Quick Question Regarding Physical Silo-ing

    Hey guys. So I've finally decided that I'm going to silo my brand new website physically. The only question I have at the moment is what content would go on the silo pages. Take a pet niche site as an example. It will have silos for Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, etc. What will I put on the...
  5. Deepesh Sharma

    Need Help Regarding Siloing a Niche Website

    Greetings everyone. I'll get straight to the point. I'm having issues while dividing a niche into separate silos. I have decided on a few silos in my mind, but I do not know if they'll work or not. Here's an example of a site in the "Piano" niche. Now, according to me, I would create 3 silos...
  6. D

    Silo Structure Question

    Hello, I am a newbie in SEO but I have read about the SILO Structure. I am at the KW research level. I have read somewhere that it is recommended to launch a new site with a minimum 3 silo and 5 supporting articles per silo. Let's say I found a good Keyword as my silo, should I research 2 more...
  7. 3

    Anybody signed up for Patel's Agency Unlocked? Question about "microsites"

    I don't know how Patel is viewed here, I imagine there are some quite different viewpoints..but regardless, my business partner signed up for his "Agency Unlocked" course thing and i thought i'd ask this here to see if anyone else had come across it and to hear your thoughts, or even if you...
  8. H

    Domain/Parent-Page/Internal-Page/Post Permalink

    I read this thought provoking post by @splishsplash but I'm having trouble implementing the silo structure using WordPress I already have existing blog post articles about a particular HP laptop...
  9. F

    Silo for One Page Business Website

    Hey guys, I'm preparing a Silo spreadsheet and a Seo strategy for a Law Firm one page website which will be composed of a Header+CTA, a Value Proposition+CTA, an Explanation Paragraph+Learn More Page, Pricing+CTA, a big CTA and a Footer with Faq, About, Blog and Contact. Now,I know how I...
  10. R

    Siloing SEO

    Hello BHW, I'm trying to implemant a siloing SEO strategy on my website. I'm building pages for each project I've done. I've got 3 types of services, for 3 differents types of clients (it's a niche market). I've already build my website with these types of URL ...
  11. splishsplash

    The Ultimate Guide to SEO Siloing - Dominate Google in 2018

    Introduction Back in march last year(2016) I wrote a super guide to creating amazon review sites, and as part of that guide I had an entire chapter on siloing. I had a lot of success with the way I used to silo, but I never quite reached that crazy level of success that was always promised...
  12. Social Pracharak

    How To Make Silo Site In Wordpress?

    Is There Any Way Or Guide For Wordpress?, I Wanna Make My Wordpress Site In Silo Structure. Please Help!! Thanks.
  13. T

    Whats The Best Silo Structure For My Blog With 1,500+ Articles Targeting 4 KW's?

    I posted this in black hat seo but its best to me in blogging... So i re-posted in blogging as there was nowhere to edit the category. Feel free to delete me! Here is the reposted version...
  14. G

    Silo Structure: about that static main page

    So I have been reading a lot on this forum and the web about silo structuring. One of the biggest problems I haven't found much about however is the main page having to be static. My sites are content heavy authority sites with magazine themes, so to describe the paradox: Making the main page...
  15. S

    Could This Silo Structure Cause A Penalty?

    Hey Guys, A question to the experts here. I have a minisite that targets a keyword which has lots of longtails so I've made a 6 level deep silo to try and target each longtail with a dedicated page. So let's say site my site is (brand site) and I'm targeting the keyword "dog...
  16. grax1

    Silo | Interlinking | Structure of Site - OnPage SEO Expert needed

    Hi guys, I started learning more about onpage seo, structure of website and so on. I need some help from experienced guys, so if anyone could help me and answer my questions and say if what I show below is right or not, it would be great. I want to rank 3 pages: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 On my...
  17. K

    Siloing a site anyone ever done this?

    I've recently heard about site siloing. I've only heard about it in a few places, some say it work really well others say it's not worth the time. Just wondering if anyone has ever done this and if it is worth the effort. Thanks!
  18. T

    Does Siloing really get sites ranked without the need of backlinks?

    I have read and seen reviews that mention if you silo your site correctly that back-links are not even needed in most cases to rank on page 1. Has anyone had any success with this?
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