1. K

    Market Trends in 2022: What Can We Expect Next?

    "Online grocery trends 2022" is the term that almost everyone is looking for right now. Everyone wants to know what will happen in the online grocery industry in 2021. So, here's what to expect from the grocery market in the future.
  2. N

    Research: Find a few specific clothing items from a pinterest board

    I found some clothes on pinterest that I would like but I can't find them. Basically I will send the photos and for every clothing item that you can find the exact version of I will pay $10. It cannot be a similar item it has to be exact or incredibly close. I have about 5 items. PM me lmk
  3. jameslilly96

    Where can you find coupons to get discount on online stores?

    By the way, I have seen that online stores which are operated on an international level like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Ubuy, etc., provide data on their own website itself, rather other websites provide discount coupons on the deals and articles website.
  4. jameslilly96

    Are hair growth products easily available on overseas shopping apps?

    Nowadays I have noticed that apps that work globally provide good prices and the products are also reliable. When I researched hair growth products, I found that big global online stores and apps like Snapdeal, Ustra, Ubuy, and Myntra offer good quality at a good price. can you give me an idea...
  5. jameslilly96

    Why Online Shopping Is Better Than Offline Stores

    I found Some Reason that makes online shopping one step ahead of offline shopping 1. Trustable Global Online App Like Amazon, Ubuy, and other 2. variety of products 3 Best deals
  6. MK47x

    Facebook / Instagram shopping HELP

    Hi All, I've just made a new Instagram account and trying to enable Instagram shopping, but when I try and enable it says Account is not eligible, and that I can't request another review (account has done 20 posts and has ~10k followers) When I visit my Facebook e-commerce page it says my...
  7. MK47x

    Instagram Shopping HELP

    Hi All, I've just made a new Instagram account and trying to enable Instagram shopping, but when I try and enable it says Account is not eligible, and that I can't request another review (account has done 20 posts and has ~10k followers) When I visit my Facebook e-commerce page it says my...
  8. lambomercy

    Promoting Branded on Google ads

    Hi bhw’ers is there a way to promote Branded products on google shopping ads? my last account got suspended even though I see tons of shopping ads for this product.
  9. SellingStealth

    Preloaded VCCs | Custom Address | Multi-Year Use | Auto-order

    Welcome to VCCFinder: We offer virtual visa cards that can be used almost anywhere online. Simply choose the amount you want preloaded on the card, set a name and address, and your card will be delivered. These are high quality cards that can be used for years. All cards can be easily...
  10. M

    Big Mistake From Godaddy

    Hello Friends I Wanted To Register An Account in some App .. So They Accept Only U.s Phone Numbers.. I Bought An U.s Number phone From Godaddy And all Gone Fine .. Until I Entered That Number On The App To Get Verification SMS .. But It begins to display a blank dialog with Error Msj Says //...
  11. zeroblackhat

    Need trick to convert Amazon Pay EMI Balance (India) into cash

    Hey My BlackHatWorld Family need your help. Im having 25000 Rupees in Amazon Pay EMI (India). Is there is any way to get that amount in my bank account.
  12. Ajeet Ghuman

    (Question) How to enable Instagram for Shopping

    i am looking at a lot of Instagram accounts and how they got shop now button on their posts and i was wondering can i able to get one and then i did some research and saw that i have to make facebook brochure and after that the whole process starts. Does anyone has any experience in this and...
  13. Mr_Sorry

    Product matching for price comparison

    Hello, Maybe some of you will be familiar with this. I'm building a price comparison website and now I have encountered a product matching problem. How do you cope with it? I have a lot of product feeds (.xml, .csv) from different shops, but not all of them have universal product codes such as...
  14. E

    Need a E-Commerce Apparel Site - Shopify

    Hi There, looking to hire a developer to design and build a website for our e-commerce apparel site. The business has a nice loyal customer base and we're doing great when it comes to traffic, we're within the Top 5% of stores that started the same week as us. However, our conversion rate is...
  15. bmbsa

    How to find the best/top deals online

    Hi guys, what do you usually do to track the best deals available from popular shopping sites or stores? I would like to quickly know about products on sale and find some interesting promo codes. Any help or tip is appreciated. Thanks
  16. M

    Shopping on Instagram - Tag Products problem: shared Instagram photos cannot be tagged to products

    I have Business Catalog on FB (50 products fed from Shopify), I was approved by Instagram. I linked my FB shop & Instagram account. All set as per Instagram rules. I wanna check if my products are visible on Instagram: My Instagram account -> Edit -> Settings -> Products -> spinning &...
  17. artur core

    Dropshipping, how to evaluate market opportunity?

    Hey guys, i m currently in a phase of my business where i m almost at a stage to drop everything. My paid plan in Shopify isn't even paid by my earnings (Toys & Make Up currently) and i think i have chosen a saturated category without any specific niche (Selling in Germany, Switzerland and...
  18. OmegaPoint

    Instagram Tag Shopping

    There's a new feature coming to instagram that I haven't seen on here and wanted to mention. In your tags you can have a direct link to buy the product you tag. So lets say you're in the fitness side of instagram. You have a picture of someone working out. You can tag the item they're using to...
  19. tapioka

    Personal Shopper Needed

    Hello. I'm in need of personal shopper in UK. I'm from asian country and need help to buy quite few things from UK and shipped to me and suggest for me popular item there. If you interested live me a msg. Thanks.
  20. M

    Can Someone Please Review My Online Store and Offer Some Friendly Advice

    I am not looking for some secret methods or to be spoon fed with exact traffic formulas. I am new to the ecommerce world and would like to know if I am going in the right direction. I am working hard on the look and overall use of the website. I have a lot more products to add but I am making...
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