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  1. Ryan Oak

    5 Dropshipping stores owner examining Shopify. Journey to $50k in 2019.

    Backstory Don't want to be boring so will be short. I started to make real money online in 2016 with affiliate website which I still own. And I currently own 5 Dropshipping stores all made with Wordpress + Alidropship plugin. Why Shopify? As I like to read anything regarding Dropshipping, I...
  2. TheSingh

    Making Money With Shopify Dropshipping w/ AliExpress & FB Ads 2019 - AMA

    Hello! I've been a long time lurker here, trolling around the Making Money threads mainly trying to find the best and cheapest way to make money. I've done almost all of it, and made so many mistakes, but by far the greatest 'Money-Maker" for me has been Shopify and selling products. I don't...
  3. Clare Jane

    ★Make Passive Income With Your Own Premium Shopify Store - ▶️ BONUS Onpage SEO & Facebook Campaign★

    This thread will be recently updated with new packages, prices and discount packages Please check last post before order a package and don't miss the bonus package! FAQ- : 1. Do you provide an Account ? - No, you should need to buy an shopify account or we can make account with 14-60 days...
  4. lockheadsr71b

    Any opinions on Shopify Lite ?

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if any of you have tried Shopify Lite ? What are your opinions on it ? I read about it but there are some things I don't understand. Do you still need a website, how does it integrate, does it handle payments ?
  5. Cristi Simion

    Need Dropshipping Advice!!!

    Hello Guys ! I am planning to start a dropshipping journey soon! I want to know, from your experience what method do you prefer: 1.Shopify + Oberloo 2.Wordpress + AliDropship Plugin I mention that I live in Europe and I want to target US customers. Also, I`d appreciate if someone could...
  6. S


    how i can dropshipping from aliexpress even that it doesn't support PayPal ??
  7. V

    Need Video Ideas for Shopify and Amazon FBA!!

    Hey Everyone, Victor Martinez here, I just started my new youtube channel about with Tips & Tricks, as well as "How to" videos about Shopify and Amazon FBA. Channel is both in English and Spanish. I would love to hear from for you guys about what you would like for me to cover in this...
  8. Shopify Expert

    Shopify expert

    Hello guys. Web developer here looking for ways to get great reviews in fiverr after they blocked my account which had 108 reviews.
  9. legendishere

    free promotions for dropshipping stores?

    Hello everybody,i have a shopify store already and i made a another new one,for the one i have already in that i am running fb ads and its pain in my ass. Now i was thinking of making an another one new store and most of stuff are set,now the important work which is promotion and getting sales...
  10. legendishere

    shopify Starting!

    Hey guys,Just starting a dropshipping website. Most of stuffs are ready and now the main part,the website design! i am new to it,does anyone has some suggestions? Like which apps are good to use,how to attract people once they come to the store,what kind of stuff i should use like bades to make...
  11. dmickoh

    From $0 - $9,500 in 17 days with only $250 Ad spend!!!

    This case study is mainly to encourage those who might be thinking of giving up. After trying to do a store for months and failing, I hired someone to do them for me, non the less she succeeded. Understanding what I was doing wrong was the problem. But I kept at it until about 17 days ago when I...
  12. E

    My Free + Shipping shopify journey at 17 £100/Month

    Hey there, So this is my journey using shopify and the free+shipping method to get £100 per month. So this is my first thread on here and i finally decided to take action after reading loads of threads on here to do with drop shipping. Onto my plan; so, so far I signed up and added a custom...
  13. J

    My shopify journey for hit 1k day

    I start my first shopify shop, I will use facebook ad and instagram to promote, I am dropshipping from aliexpress.
  14. BotMe

    Shopify Payment question.

    Quick question I was curious about. My buddy who is under 18 wanted to get started with the aliexpress dropshipping method and he got his whole website set up and everything but he ran into a major problem. Stripe could not "verify his business details" under tax detains. Would he still get...
  15. robebryant

    First serious journey (Shopify)

    Good morning blackhat friends, I've been a lurker on this amazing forum for quite a while now. I have had some minor success here and there but due to my personal lack of commitment and motivation, nothing ever worked out big time. Most recently I failed miserably trying to do YouTube. All...
  16. Splatterfox

    [Video] How To Find Hot Products That Sell

    There are a lot of approaches when it comes to researching profitable products to sell on Shopify, Amazon, eBay or whatever. In this video I present a way that I sometimes use. It still requires a lot of research, paired with some analysis and interpretation, but it has quite some potential...
  17. K

    how to get amazon's seller account if i don't have any shop or buisness..

    To create a seller's account; One must have a shop,Tax details etc.. Is There Any Way Around This?? Any Help Appreciated..
  18. Splatterfox

    Shopify Drop Shipping 2017 - From Sourcing To Sales (Video)

    Hey guys, since there are still plenty of beginners in here, I hope this 1 Hour (!) tutorial that I just made will help some of you: Cheers!