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  1. Hope Miner

    Any Solution for two owners of one Shopify store/business?

    Well, I'm trying to start a Shopify store with my friend who is located in a different country with a 50/50 share of the profit/work. Meaning, we need to be both as the store owners but Shopify allows only a one owner and you can add staff members which is not practical in our case. Do you have...
  2. L

    Payment gateway for shopify dropshipping

    Hello everyone, I’m very new to this. I’ve build up a website (about to be completed) to sell website visitors. I was wondering which payment gateway should I use which has lenient policy and doesn’t block account due to chargebacks. I know strip and PayPal has very strict policy and have to...
  3. the gent

    Shopify 14 days trials are back to the regular

    From June 1, 2020, the Shopify team said that the trials are back to the regular 14 days. so no more COVID 90 days Trial
  4. the gent


    Hi All I'm new to E-commerce, i want to learn other new things out there, and i want to ask, I had this idea that may work well with some products, so i created a FREE TRIAL Account for this and i created a store then i listed my products, but when i went to check the Checkout page if...
  5. nifras

    shopify payment integration for paypal Alternate

    hello everyone in my case,, Shopify show I can only integrate with 2CO in my country, but i heard a very bad comment about 2CO what you will recommend going for it anyway to withdraw the money fast and pay the amount to the supplier
  6. Danny Crypto

    Do you know any Shopify app for editing "image alt text" in bulk?

    I'm looking for any app which can help me out to edit keywords in image alt text for good seo of product listing in bulk. Let me know any apps if you know.
  7. F

    Shopify account banned

    Hello, My shopify account has been banned, can i open a new account with the same information??
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