1. bbrokeaf

    Please Don't Use Payoneer (really should be called shitoneer)

    I've gained a lot of valuable knowledge from this community and I hope today I can help at least some of y'all from getting fucked by this company. (it's also kind of a rant to be honest) The Problem I don't know if their business model changed from, charging a fee to provide decent value to...
  2. JohnKowalski

    Go Daddy if FU***NG Ridiculous !!!

    I have purchased 1 .xyz domain for 5 PLN (Polish Zloty) that's about 1.20 Euro and they want a bunch of the documents to verify the account, because I have logged in from a different IP. They wrote: Request to verify the order Hello ! Thank you for being our valued customer. Our verification...
  3. Josh Saga

    Not gonna lie I find the Shit List threads quite therapeutic

    It kinda takes away all the stress from my day when a new SL thread got approved - It boils down to me realizing there are people having worse problems in their lives like dealing with Shit Listed sellers - anybody remembers the member who got banned for not wanting to refund $20 a couple of...
  4. Chuchitas_009

    He had never hated anyone so much.

    FACEBOOK IS A TOTAL SHIT. Yes folks, Facebook has become the shit of the internet. I used to have a lot of suspended Facebook accounts, but what I saw this morning I wasn't expecting it at all. I had Facebook pages with thousands of followers on each one, I started making a profit with CPA...
  5. speedie

    SecondEye Disappeared? I Need a Doc for PayPal Verification But this Guy is so Anoying

    It's so sad I haven't heard any response from @secondeye the guy who sells PayPal doc. Before their vacation, I paid even $20 extra fee (total $50) for a perfect photo ID passport. It's 2 days after their vacation now July 3 as informed me, yet no response in their sale thread, no response...
  6. NikoNikic

    {BEWARE} 5% of instagram accounts registered with will get hacked.

    Couple of months ago I bought 5 aged instagram accounts from a seller on bhw marketplace and few days ago at least one got hacked (noticed it when the profile image got changed, potentially more got hacked but no changes have been done for me to notice) even when I changed the passwords of my...
  7. PeteAFC

    FollowLiker BHW username?

    Countless people are telling me they're on here so can someone tell me what their handle is? Gracias!!
  8. Gibz170

    I hate dp .... It is the worst fucking forum!

    I am an old member with 22 positive feedbacks and good reputation. I created a new thread with backlinking service, and people started to reply to the thread with questions, and i started to answer them - Normal. They banned me because i am BUMPING THE FUCKING THREAD ... I am answering people...
  9. RamChaturvedi

    Shit!!!People spamming from BHW!!!

    Well today i got an email : ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- What the f*ck cant we put our contact details also????People just put details so that they could be contacted for any help,trade...
  10. Z

    cease and desist ?? shit

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