cease and desist ?? shit

lol, noob. just make it a parody site of consumerreports , then you're protected. if you're using it as a reviews site, then you're infringing on their trademark and you're a bad noob.
Geez, that was fast. Never use a trademark or servicemark in a domain name without permission. LOL Just begging for trouble. Their pockets are unbelieveably deep and they can litigate you into submission...
Here is what I would reply with

To whom it may concern,
This domain name is for sale on ebay, The starting bid is $100,000. Please feel free to make an offer.
Here is what I would reply with

To whom it may concern,
This domain name is for sale on ebay, The starting bid is $100,000. Please feel free to make an offer.

They'd make an offer all right... hehe
Here is what I would reply with

To whom it may concern,
This domain name is for sale on ebay, The starting bid is $100,000. Please feel free to make an offer.

And their reply will be, "See you in court." Then you'll be stuck with legal fees and a nice big lawsuit for registering their trademarked term in bad faith.
You're not just gonna give it up, You don't even live in the us

Are you serious? LOL Not only will they get the registrar to take the domain away from him, but he'll be sued.
I don't know.. I own eb*aypul*seco*de(dot)c0m and got one from ebay, not too long ago. I'm thinking about selling it to an offshore corporation and hosting a site on it just because they pissed me off.

It's silly copywrite shit like that, that really makes me mad.
Yours is "report" not reports. Tell them you will only have one report on your site. There will be no way anyone would be confused.:p

Or tell them your site is a report on their site/organization.:D
Where are you located? I would check international trademark laws in your country. But if you registered it with a us company it may be pointless.
If you're outside the US tell them to F off and suck your nuts, they can't do shit.
Step 1) Put a disclaimer on ever page of your site in big red bold letters stating you have no affiliation to the consumerreports site.
2) Make the the site an info site about how bad consumer reports are or something like that. Just be sure your site is nothing like the info they have.

As long as it's different enough they don't have a legal leg to stand on. I actually took on google over this when 2 of mysites used the word adsense in the domain name. The key is the disclaimer and make sure it's easy for websurfers to tell that you are not connected to that site.
I would find out if they registered their trademark in YOUR country first. It might be likely that an organization like consumer reports would register their trade mark in many countries, (GB or Canada for example) but probably not all of them. If they're not registered in your country, transfer the domain to a registrar and host in your country.
One time I caught metline.info as it dropped for PR and got a C&D from metlife. No joke. I just ignored it.
I'm locate in latin america, and I bought the domain in namecheap
basically they can do whatever they want??, that pissed me off.
since i just bought the domain 1 week ago i have to wait 60 days to transfer :(
there is not such trademark in my country.
keyword here is that he's outside the USA.

like someone above me said, tell them to suck your nuts.
all they can/will do is contact your registrar who will then remove the domain name or reassign it to their company.
I've been through it before. Is it in your real legal name? Either way transfer ownership to 'someone' in a non-extradition country.

Said person need not exist.
i think that i'm not going to reply its stupid mail but at the same time i'm not going to develop anything there, why bother. I have another very similar domain which has been running for 1 month o more without any trouble, maybe i should use another domain just to avoid future trouble.
Sell it or give it to someone outside jurisdiction and get them to point it to the nastiest pr0n site you can find :)

That can be good faith for ya... (and a really really naughty dirty girl called Faith... lol)
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