He had never hated anyone so much.


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Sep 15, 2020
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Yes folks, Facebook has become the shit of the internet.

I used to have a lot of suspended Facebook accounts, but what I saw this morning I wasn't expecting it at all.

I had Facebook pages with thousands of followers on each one, I started making a profit with CPA, I was super motivated.

I found out this morning that my account was suspended and it was my main account that is many years old and I even have advertising accounts and I don't know what the hell happened.

But hey, Facebook is not the same as before, now it is the shit of the internet, it is worse than a girl who is offended by everything, she is very delicate and in some cases she is even envious because when a good advertising campaign comes out, they block it .

I wanted to vent a bit, but I still have this helplessness inside of me.
Now in FB account blocking for no reason, this is a common case, just accept it, get used to it, create new accounts and move on:)
Condolences. I know it's hard to make a new one but you can try to approach their contact support. Lucky if they response then
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