1. Alex0808

    S h a v e

    Today shaved in almost a year..Feelin light and aerodynamic. Btw in how many days you do shave? Lol
  2. E

    OMG adscendmedia is shaving like hell!!!

    I am using the same offers from different networks and started split testing to see if it would make any difference in each network. And guess what I am getting a 0.06 epc with adscendmedia and 0.20 - 0.50 with other networks. I am using same offers, same lockers, same content. This clearly...
  3. H

    Shaving shaving shaving!!!

    Hey Everyone.. This is my first post in BHW but Ive been visiting this site for six months now and had been told by my so called AMs to stay away from BHW!! yeah yeah I know I acted accordingly-STUPID!! Anyway, I wanted to just say thank you to everyone for being just so helpful in IM and...
  4. Anubis1980

    Google Shave - Get your haircut

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