1. WebGenix

    [POLL]: How do you want to receive your downloadable files?

    Hello, In the past, I was sharing a lot of courses and files (WordPress themes & plugins) with the BHW community, I will do the same in a short time period, I just want to know how you like to get the links, For small files (Themes & Plugins) it's no problem, most files don't exceed 100MB, But...
  2. koulde

    [Question] How to share content online (without getting into trouble)

    Hello everyone, Last week I was forced to clean my space from the storage room and found 20 years old cds and old hard drives that I've been hoarding since middle school. Spent a week dumping them on NAS and right now I'm contemplating on how to share these files, they are a collection of...
  3. bogeboss

    how to maintain a rising web ranking?

    hello I want to ask how to maintain the website ranking on the main page or first ranking. can you help me by giving me some advice?
  4. invonker

    [AutoIT Script] How to switch your chrome browsers every 10s

    Hello guys. Today I would like to share a script, it will automatically switch your chrome browsers every 10s. It's written in AutoIt. Use cases: - Observer your chrome browsers - Active to chrome browsers to make sure the website visited work normally - .... Please check the gif bellow for...
  5. S

    Issue with links in Posts

    Hello I have an Issue with facebook posts. I was created 5 fb accounts than add for every account 4 posts with 4 links(1 for each). That mean same link was shared 5 times (5x1) I have use 1 domain name, just 4 different urls from it. Sharing was only on wall, not on groups. When I add 6th...
  6. A

    My site got banned from fb, help required!!!!!

    my site is banned from fb sharing. when i put the link through the debugging tool i get this: "We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please Let us know." and i sent them messages couple of times with no reply, if...
  7. D

    How much link juice is a Facebook share worth?

    How much link juice does a Facebook share contribute to DA? Is a share more valuable than a Page Call-to-Action website link or vice versa?
  8. TheDevloper

    Best Ad network for a FileSharing site ?

    Hello guys, i would ask you what is the Best Ad network for a FileSharing site (PPD)? currently we are using Xfilesharing, we are in this business for more than 1 year, we have tested adsence(earnings was great, but it was disabled), we have tested taboola(but their ad rpm is so low compared to...
  9. M

    Finding facebook pages for sharing

    Hi, I manage a facebook page and want a lot of pages to share my posts for money. But messaging them all on Facebook is too slow and difficult. Moreover, 99% of them don't answer. How can I find such pages easily? Can you recommend a good service for this? Thanks
  10. Savvy Rose

    Hey guys I'm new to this thread

    Can anyone help me teaching the slangs that everyone is using in this thread. I also want to know all about bots like if people are using insta bots tinde bots and all what that means ? Is it a specified service that people are using ? I've asked a lot maybe but I'll ask more over here because...
  11. JB2302

    How many social sharing plugin Should i use in Wordpress?

    I see a lot of website with a lot of sharing plugin installed. I am curious to know does having so much plugin do increase the share count? By a lot of plugins meant these common plugin people install :- floating type sharing plugin above content share icons below content share icons on...
  12. hasan7707

    How can I submit to a lot of social bookmarking sites at once?

    I was thinking about going big with social bookmarking. About like 50-60 sites for my targeted keyword included post. How can I submit to them at once? Is there a tool for it? If you know of any other way, please share. It would be awesome to know how you go about sharing your content :):)...
  13. B

    How do I send a file to different user same PC?

    I wasn't sure where to put this.... I've been trying to send a file and pictures from one user to another on the same PC, but its not working. I'm doing what it said I just click share and then click the user and it says its supposed to pop up when other user logs in but nothing! Windows 10...
  14. flashsites

    How To Send Social Signals?

    Hi BHW Im curious of how do I send social signals to links I've made. I've tried Follow4Follow and others but all they do is increase social media account numbers. Is there a software that allows you to get shares of a link or at least use your own accounts to share links for signals? Thanks
  15. hYpeZz

    Facebook post sharing

    Anyone here is doing Facebook post sharing on their Facebook pages? I'm looking for someone got at least 100k likes on their fb page and good engagement also. Please comment below or pm me.
  16. A

    Social Media API

    Hi friends i have one admin panel..actually i am looking social media API, i mean i have one image in admin panel, if i clicked on share button means that image should share on FB,Twitter, and instagram.
  17. Elin Dotsya

    How Long Did It Take You To Make Your First $10k?

    Note: I mean not just the time it took for the actual money, but also the entire learning period and failure that went with it. This thread is more about what it really takes to get to that level where money just seems to pile up. Many successful people brag about making money with little to no...
  18. J

    Facebook Fanpage

    Hi.............. I need a big facebook fanpage ......for sharing link on it........ If anyone have a fanpage then message me.......i pay for sharing link on your fanpage.. The fanpage should be active ..........i should get likes and visitors from it..........
  19. C

    Poshmark Bot

    Hi, I am looking for a reasonably priced sharing bot for Poshmark. Other possible features would be following users and sharing to "parties." Let me know if you've got anything! Thanks!
  20. L

    Sharing, Posting, and the Facebook algorithm

    Hi there. I was posting this question to see if I could get some insight on this. I have a computer repair business that I use facebook to do most of my advertising for. The way I do my advertising is through the local yard sale pages. I usually go to each group and go through the arduous...
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