1. T

    Dedicated IP uses

    Ive upgraded from a share server to one that has a dedicated IP and resources. I have read there can be SEO advantages for having dedicated IP. But are there steps you can or should take to improve this, or does search engines just crawl and see the dedicated IP itself and then act on it...
  2. OKFB

    Please help me to find similar proxies

    Hi all! Thanks for reading this message. Trying to find similar proxies as, but can't do it. I need proxy service that give u proxy list with thousands of proxies with same IP but different ports ( I'm not sure, but I think that means back connect). And after proxy is going down...
  3. runi

    Ever tried using IPV4 shared proxy for playing IG?

    Should i dare to try it? The prices so enticing lol.
  4. ShiningWarrior

    Outlook 2016 for so cheap on eBay. Legit?

    Hi, eBay has some sellers selling Outlook 2016 only for $12. Is this for real? Oh and that is NOT my affiliate link in case some of you might wonder lol. :P Did any of you ever buy from there? I know people sell MS office and 5 TB Cloud storage for cheap but those are shared between multiple...
  5. R

    Best Hosting for Website Speed

    I would like to speed up my Wordpress blog, any suggestion related to hosting please? The blog receives between 1000 and 1500 visitors daily and in general its very simple its pure informative and most of pages contains text and couple of images Currently the blog is hosted on a shared account.
  6. Hostwinds

    BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL all hosting 75% OFF Shared, VPS and Dedicated

    OUR BIGGEST SALE YET! ALL HOSTING IS 75% OFF HOSTWINDS 5TH ANNUAL BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY SALE We took 75% off all hosting products for as long as you like, up to 3 years. Every year Hostwinds pushes the impossible and this year is no different as we nearly went over the edge with this...
  7. dream1er

    shared or vps

    going to make 5 websites which is better, im going with bluehost . 1-shared hosting -higest plan 2-vps -lowest plan
  8. C | Shared 40% Off | Cloud from $15.72 | VPS from $1.80 | Dedicated from $48.3 UK based international hosting company is offering high quality Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated hosting services! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENT LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFERS Shared Hosting Coupon: BHWSHARED40 - new...
  9. E

    Seeking Private/Shared proxies located in Canada / Montreal

    Title says it all, I'm preferably looking for shared proxies (with <10 people) proxies located exclusively in Montreal, PM me if you have them with your price package etc... I need anonymity that doesnt leak. Thanks
  10. Hinkys

    [WordPress] List of awesome free & shared WP plugins

    Hello BHW. Today I figured I could mash up all the possible WP plugins I use / can think of that you will ever need when building your sites. All of them are free, either actually free or shared here on BHW. I don't take any credit other than compiling the list together. Also, I will include a...
  11. huykun

    SENuke X Split Pay

    Update: I have already found a trusted reputable person to share the cost and license with. If you're still interested in license sharing for 70 bucks a month, let me know.
  12. F

    Windows Hosting w/Enkompass - Just like cPanel!

    We're happy to announce that we are now offering shared windows packages with the popular Enkompass control panel. Enkompass was created by the cPanel company to be the cpanel version for Windows. It's very user friendly and easy to navigate through. The Enkompass webhosting environment also...
  13. J

    Shared hosting, Reseller account or rented server?

    Hello everyone! In about 3-4 days I will be putting my new offer to sale. The product is ready, the marketin is ready, only one problem is left - hosting. The product is a CMS with graphic management system (colors, images etc.) that is targeted for small companies and people who want to...
  14. G

    Any working auto social poster ?

    I use Auto Social Poster plugin (made by Mass Automation Tools). But I'm able to add my links only on delicious and faves. Any other working plugins similar this ? (must be free or shared) :)
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