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  1. 1linkwarrior

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  3. L


  4. M

    My Website Suddenly Got Vanished From Google SERP

    All of sudden yesterday home page of my two websites got vanished from the google ranking. Both of the websites were in the top positions. But the rest of the pages are still ranking. Is there anyone who can tell me the reason?
  5. ahmedEL

    Will SERVER LOCATION affect SERP ranking?

    hi BHW community I hope you all having a good day , so like the question said does the server location affect SEO and SERP ranking ?
  6. Ctny1

    Is My keyword competitive? Noob questions for a local business SERP improvement

    Not sure if this is the write place to ask but please bear with my noobness. Any words of wisdom or direction is surely appreciated! Thank you. Okay, The key word is "thrift store nyc" or "best thrift store new york" etc. I have a sort of basic plan on hosting a blog on my site that'll give good...
  7. D

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  8. E

    Ranking in Bing and Yahoo but not in Google??

    I have bought a couple of weeks ago a domain, figured out couple of days ago that the domain is almost three years old- did not know:). The thing is, is that my website is not ranking in google at all. What I have done so far: (Did mainly on-page SEO) I have the main keyword in my...
  9. iproweb


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  10. F

    New sites with dramatic rank fluctuation

    I'm new to this, so I don't entirely know what to expect when a new site is created and indexed. I've built 2 or 3 niche sites and I've purchased a few niche sites all in the last 2 weeks. The sites look decent, have about 2000 words of content to start and are already indexed. I'm viewing my...
  11. M

    Am stuck in 3rd page of Google, help me

    Hi, I've a less competitive (about 2k search volumes) keyword stuck on 3rd page position 31-32 for a month, I've did a link pyramid, high PR blog comments, social bookmarking. Reg my competitors, 1st position is Yahoo answers, 2,3,4th position is YouTube video and rest of them are similar...
  12. S

    How To Rank An Affiliate Website?

    I own an affiliate website and I have been working on it for some time now, It was lost in the SERP after being in the top for 3 months but now gradually it has increased its position. But I want to know what do I need to do in order to bring to the top again. I have already done blogging...
  13. Random Rank

    Niche Related Quality Backlinks! Powerful Links for Powerful Websites Less than 50 OBL

    Niche Related Quality Backlinks! Powerful Links for Powerful Websites Less than 50 OBL Basically Backlinks are the incoming links that are coming from the different sites and the purpose is to promote your Link or Business. You all might be well aware of the benefits that the backlinks provide...
  14. masterjani

    BACKLINKS RAIN - Quality Links From Different Platforms, 10+ Type Of Social Signals & More

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  15. E

    SEO Help - Can't move from page 1 to 2

    Sorry I'm a newby on SEO but I have been learning a lot in the past year, I have hire a couple of companies that have done nothing more that just take my money and no results, I Have been working in our company website (furniture sales related) and already have several words stuck in second and...
  16. gettinthere

    Easiest web 2.0 (or similar) to rank in google serps (product promotion)

    I have a client with a product who is unable to sell on Amazon due to not having a big enough range, so we're thinking ebay. I'm a bit put off that we dont have a solid, long term product url to promote. I'm thinking of using a web 2.0 style property for the purpose of search engine visibility...
  17. U

    Social Bookmarking Revenge- 2000+ Unique Sites, 1000+ Sites with PR1 & Higher, Unique IPs

  18. S

    What bounce rate range is good

    I know the lower the better but at what point does Google start to devalue a site. We want people to click our affiliate links and not set up camp on our site... Right? So what % is good or safe to get and keep high SERPs?
  19. goodseoman

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    Few months ago, i made a link wheel-link pyramid bot and asked for beta testers. Thanks for lots of constructive feedbacks from members here, i made a huge improvement to bot. It now can produce unique and readable article (>60% - this can be set up), optimize all articles with needed...
  20. dogdog

    [GET] FREE Online Auto-Scheduling SERP Ranking Checker

    Try this online SERP Ranking checker. For the free version, it will monitor 5 keywords for a given URL on 5 search engines. We all know G**gle rank a website differently on different geographical area. So you need a tool to check multiple search engines for the 5 keywords automatically by itself...
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