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How To Rank An Affiliate Website?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by surajit.dahal, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. surajit.dahal

    surajit.dahal Newbie

    Jan 17, 2013
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    I own an affiliate website and I have been working on it for some time now, It was lost in the SERP after being in the top for 3 months but now gradually it has increased its position. But I want to know what do I need to do in order to bring to the top again. I have already done blogging, articles and other link building stuff but to no avail. Now the traffic is 200 which has eventually increased from 50 in the past few days. I want some solution to increase the traffic can anyone please help me out?

    Thanks in Advance..!!
  2. MysticMerchant

    MysticMerchant Newbie

    Aug 27, 2011
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    Questions like this really confuse me, Is there really not enough information on this forum to find out the answer yourself? Obviously you need to improve your tactics and diversify your methods. There is no one magic trick or method, to get you into the top spot. You say you have done blogging, articles, and link building to no avail, but your traffic is up by 4x. So something is going right. Just keep focusing on it and working at it.