seo tactics

  1. Bahaezzz

    Shared (paid) SEO tools accounts

    Hello guys, First post here after months of stalking :D Do you know any free or trusted sources to get a shared SEMrush, Ahref, Moz Pro... accounts ? I am asking because I am not sure it will pay off yet, and the prices seems outrageously high for a beginner I used to get a shared adspy...
  2. Satyendra Singh

    Deleted tag manager tags still firing. How to fix this?

    Hi Guys, I am facing this weird issue with tag manager. I deleted some Google Analytics event tags about a month ago, but the events are still being triggered and I can see it on Google Analytics events reports. The events are only triggering for mobile devices and only on certain occasions. The...
  3. Z

    SEO Techniques Review Post-Peng

    I'm wondering what the blackhatters think about article publishing volume, backlinking volumes since Penguin, and about what works and what does not. Started working with a team who have been doing fairly high volume. I'm worried that backlink volume is too high (was at nearly 3000 per month)...
  4. codeman1234

    Want to start SEO from 0

    Hello, I am starting SEO from 0 on a blog I am opening today, I just finish the SEO on page (all meta tags, alt tags, etc) and my question is very simple, what are the steps to follow to do the off page SEO correctly and what tools to use are recomended to create a good SEO that will grow...
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