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  1. akshay_saini

    What is the best SEO strategy for a website of a hosting company?

    We're interested in doing a re-engineering of our SEO, bringing more traffic to our website and making/converting it in sales ... We want to know some tips from hosting companies about their SEO, their advertising and what they want to tell us. We are currently paying to advertise on Facebook...
  2. E

    Hello World

    My nickname is ete, I'm starting to get money online use Google Adsense since last year. With 40k UV/days at Auguts, that unfortunately drop 75% to just 10k UV/day this week. Hope to learn more from the expert here. Hope you're nice to me. Regards, ete
  3. lepman

    [Need Help] New E-Commerce Site SEO Strategy

    Hello BHW, I just launched a new fashion e-comm store for a client with 70+ categories and 300+ products. How would you go about putting together an SEO strategy for this beast? Not an SEO newbie.. have been on BHW since 2013, but need your help with the following questions: 1) Initially...
  4. HenryObi

    How Long Will It Take A New Site To Rank On A High Competition Niche With Weak Competitors

    Hi, I want to know how long it'll take my new site to rank in a niche with high competition but with weak competitors? When I say weak, not totally but really weak with poor DA/PA and all these metrics. I got to know that my competitors are weak through an SEO audit done for my site and niche...
  5. abhishek11497

    Which is your most successful SEO strategy?

    Hey guys! Hope you are doing well . It’s a great start of 2018 & we are all set with major SEO goals to achieve this year. Before we begin with a list of strategies to try out this year, lets share our experiences about SEO experiments which got successful.
  6. U

    SEO strategy for 2018

    Does google change their algorithm in 2018?
  7. starplayer

    How Important is your Internal linkbuilding strategy for SEO ?

    Internal linking may not be as important or as powerful as external link building, but it’s well worth your investment of time and effort ? Let me know Regards, Star Player*