seo ranking

  1. D

    SEO Quick Tips for Newbies Part 1

    Hello Everyone, the other day I was reading an article about SEO and I related myself so much with the article and I think it was because I am not a computer guru and I always struggled with SEO myself. So, I consider myself as a beginner too as I am sure a lot of people will also identify...
  2. praveen545445

    google give importance to https ?

    google give first importance to https rather than http for ranking ? Is it true ?
  3. LinkWorld

    which factor is trendy now for Search engine rankings?

    I want to know which factor is really helpful and trendy for the SERP #1 today.
  4. F

    Keyword Difficulty advice

    Hi, I am abit confused so hopefully someone on here can help. Semrush and Ahrefs so to different information regarding keyword difficulty, just say i got a keyword for my website which the KD is showing between 5 - 10 how easy would it be to rank those keywords? Thanks Abz
  5. F

    Lost 80% of my keywords on google

    Hi, Seems like the recent update from big G as messed me up big time, i have now lost 80% of keywords which were ranking in positions 1-3 and a huge amount of organic traffic, Can anyone suggest any good seo service that can help with getting the keywords back to the top. Thanks Abz
  6. DaWbEhcOs

    [Need Advice] Which seo service on BHW is better for 1st page ranking?

    Hello, I am following BHW for 2 years and I don't post at all and this will be my first post. Probably I read most of advices and methods for seo on forum. Whatever I do, I can't rank any of my web sites (diffirent domains and contents for same keyword) on first page for "Paykasa" keyword in...
  7. G

    How to Rank a Google Doc.... this document ranked on 4th for key word "download bluestack crack" it ranked in first page for many other keywords.... but can you explain how to do this? plus? shares? bulding? Do you have...
  8. A

    SEO quick backlink tool...

    Hello Everyone,I am searching for good SEO backlink getter site. I had found many of them in google like SEnuke & GSA. Want some more very good tools; even if it is highly paid but should be result oriented.:)Thanks for your help:)
  9. D

    Losing Ranks

    Hi Guys, I am facing huge Ranking lose for my local clients, any suggestion to get back OLD rankings? Cheers Davin
  10. F

    Spam Registrations to my website

    Hi, I have a adult tube website, I am currently receiving a lot of Spam Registrations to my website. If I accept the members, will it affect my SEO rating in a good or a bad way if they make spam Blog Posts? Thanks for your time
  11. E

    Organic ranking or paid-ad??

    Which one is better to excel in the business? Should we go in for organic ranking or paid ranking?
  12. E

    Does Google perceive Article Submission to Free Directories as Spam?

    ​Is over submission to the free article directories is considered as Spam? In our SEO promotion we frequently make directory submission. Does Google understand these links as quality links? What other steps can be applied to build "QUALITY" Links?
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