seo price

  1. Sazzad Hossain

    Why is WhiteHat SEO expensive?

    You're probably wondering why WhiteHat SEO comes with such a high price tag. I'm sure you've seen other 'ranking/SEO' services for a fraction of the price at merely a few hundred dollars if that. Well, WhiteHat SEO is expensive because it uses expensive 'ingredients'. It's perfectly feasible...
  2. E

    Pricing-What would you pay for this?

    What would you pay combined for the below -Onpage Seo Analysis with report -1 hour website indexing - Press release writing and submission to 25 High Pr and valued PR sites like briefing wire, sbwire, prbuzz - Each live press release gets 1k backlinks built with GSA -50 Web 2.0 for Tier I...
  3. N

    how much do you charge for SEO?

    Hi, recently i start doing SEO for 4 sites. I'm making the diagnosis for those sites, meanwhile, i have to determine how much will charge my client for this job. So the question is, how much do you charge for SEO? thanks in advance
  4. B

    Am I Charging too little for Local SEO?

    I charge $500-$750 with 6 and 12 month agreements. I usually just start off with the first months installment, no set up fees. Is this too cheap? Still a newbie at selling this so I'm happy to make the sales at the same time I don't want to give my services away either. Thanks for the replies.
  5. rush7

    What should I charge for SEO?

    Just as the title states, how much do people normally charge to do SEO work for a company? A friend of a friend want's me to get his companys site on the front page of G. and I want to know what to quote him?
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