Why is WhiteHat SEO expensive?

May 24, 2018
You're probably wondering why WhiteHat SEO comes with such a high price tag. I'm sure you've seen other 'ranking/SEO' services for a fraction of the price at merely a few hundred dollars if that. Well, WhiteHat SEO is expensive because it uses expensive 'ingredients'.

It's perfectly feasible to create an online marketing campaign for under a few hundred dollars:

Auto-generate some content: $10 at most, free if you already have the software
Blast this auto-content through your software and make some link: $30 (cost to run software based on 'proxies' and 'captcha solvers')

At under $40 cost, you could be charged $100, netting the marketer a $60 profit.. not bad.

However, this is 'BlackHat'. It does have its purpose for those who want to benefit from cheap short-term rankings, make some cash then repeat the process on another site. But again, if you want successful long-term online marketing for your real business, you'll want to steer clear.
Who said black hat seo is cheap.
Blackhat = instant result
White hat= great result but time consuming
Black hat isn't exactly cheap. It's just that it's less time consuming compared to white hat where you have to invest both time and money.
Whitehat seo entails optimizing your site for search engines and writing original content, which is free. Any type of intentional link building is prohibited..hence, is blackhat. Regardless of the labeling they put on it, be it "guess posting", "outreach" etc...it's intentional link building aimed at deceiving search engines.

Seo means to make your content more discoverable by tweaking its structure - this is where the word optimization comes from...

So to answer your question, whitehat seo is free(if you write your own content). When you start paying money for links, it is called blackhat seo - which can be expensive
I think it's a blurred out line between whitehat and blackhat seo - what's whitehat can be blackhat tomorrow - as G is always shifting the goal post wherever they see fit.
And if you were referring to cheap blackhat services, yes, there are indeed cheap yet ineffective blackhat services, and there are also cheap whitehat seo services, which both are not effective at all.
Effective blackhat seo costs money, time and effort, and not necessarily you are breaking the rules, as they do work. There are so many tools involved, so many link list, indexing, software, servers, etc, which all costs money on a monthly basis.
Same goes for whitehat, just different techniques and approach.
Maybe some people are not sure about the definition of black/white hat.
The moment you generate lets say a 2.0 with content, random or not - just for the sake of linking it to money site....is Black Hat.
The moment you get a backlink from a site that actually finds you relevant and thus links to you....is White Hat.

EZ Cheezy
Because Whitehat SEO requires genuine content unlike you OP. You are posting copied content in your thread from here :


It's often more of an issue of niche than cost.

Getting backlinks by getting content to "go viral" is actually pretty cheap and easy if you're not selling Viagra.
Quality SEO service, regardless if its blackhat or whitehat is still expensive. The difference is that there is more to risk when using blackhat.
for whitehat you must give a lot of time, you must buy unique text and high quality links. But effect is for the long time :)
  • Competitive keywords
  • National ranking aspirations (as opposed to local rankings)
  • Extensive research and content writing
  • New website with little or no SEO
  • Costs of establishing a brand and presence online
Whitehat SEO is for long term business and is not as expensive as blackhat SEO if your content is good and legit, people will link you on your own, though you have to invest some time and little money on marketing and promotion.
I think blackhat is more expensive. But if you want to make brand then better option is whitehat. But I prefer grey hat. Your website must have powerful backlinks profile. Else whitehat can take year or more to rank.
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