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  1. dmister

    Question: What SEO plugins are you using on WP?

    Question on title
  2. Chdead

    What would you like in a NEW simple SEO plugin that works with most websites?

    Hello guys I'm creating an SEO app (not mobile app) like Yoast but I want it to be beginners friendly and focuses on the most important features rather than the hundreds other apps provide without actual results. Which features would you like in a simple SEO app that will help you optimize your...
  3. williamsharris143

    The Best SEO Plugin for a WooCommerce Store?

    What is the best SEO Plugin for a WooCommerce Store?
  4. tazarbm

    How do you deindex legal pages, categories pages, and tags?

    Hi, I just google-checked all of my sites with the "site:" operator and I noticed that the legal pages (contact, about us, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc), the category pages and sometimes even the tags show up in google's index and I'd like to remove them from there. But I don't know how to...
  5. homeriscool

    Let's Put an End to the SEO Plugin Debate. Who do I go with?

    Ok I'm installing a brand spanking new WordPress site right now as we speak. Instead of wasting my entire day reading forum posts I'm going with the majority on the poll. Please vote for the SEO plugin that you think is best overall. Thanks
  6. Elisa77

    Sitemap problem with Rankmath?

    Hi, getting a issue with Rankmath plugin. The issue is, my sitemap keep vanishing. When it's vanished I just have to go to Rankmath » Sitemap » Save Changes that's it. Now Sitemap will work fine for couple of days (7-20days) then it will again vanished and I've to get that information and again...
  7. homeriscool

    Rank Math Pro vs Yoast Premium - Which is the best for local seo?

    Hi all, I'm building a new site and wondering which one of these 2 plugins to go with? What are your thoughts? Its for a local seo will be targeted locally.
  8. Danki

    [POLL] - What plugin are you using for SEO and why?

    As the title says, what plugin are you using for SEO and why do you think is the best? If you used many SEO plugins, we'll be glad to know your review on each one of them. + I really wanna know some reviews about Rank Math plugin, because many (maaaany) people talked about it, and suggested to...
  9. thegoldeneye

    [ULTIMATE TUTORIAL] How To Use Rank Math and Is It Better Than Yoast?

    @Festinger recommended this tutorial to me, so let's just get into it. WHAT'S RANK MATH? According to the Rank Math: "Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted...
  10. Sandie2018

    SEO plugins and Woocommerce display problem

    Hi, I wanted to install a SEO plugin and tried Yoast, Rank Math, and SEOPress and whenever I installed the plugin, my products in Woocommerce Products tab do not display properly. Has anyone had this problem and can suggest a solution? Thanks
  11. LilMosey

    What SEO plugin do you use? (Wordpress)

    So, what do you guys use for your site? I personally use Yoast (Free) and All-in-One SEO (Free) for some of my sites.. Are there any other SEO Plugins which does the same job as them?
  12. E

    Which is the best SEO plugin for WP?

    Hey Guys, Need to decide which SEO plugin to install on my new WP site. Is yoast still good they ask for money for the first year and then if you want their support you need to pay more. Can anyone recommend? Thank you in advance Jerry
  13. WannaBeIzaya

    Yoast SEO users better be prepared for a surprise when you enter your WP dashboard

    A huge Black Friday sales banner is waiting for you and no, you're site is not hacked by some plugin or theme. It's by Yoast SEO plugin and it has already made users angry on Reddit. But I don't mind seeing ads for a useful freemium plugin like Yoast SEO and it's not something that they do...
  14. MKorkut

    Which plugin do you recommend for Seo?

    Rank Math Seo Yoast All in SEO Pack I was undecided among the three additions I mentioned above. Can you help me with your advice? I established Rank Math SEO, a huge fall in visitor traffic. I'm wondering if you're hesitant to stay in this plugin.
  15. G

    Best SEO Plugin that is Not Yoast ?

    What is the best wordpress SEO plugin right now that is NOT Yoast. Curious as to what the BHW consensus is.
  16. lastborn

    SEO Help

    Will Using Two SEO plugins affect your site's ranking?
  17. Blackboltz

    SEOPressor Plugin - Is It Good For Your Blogs?

    Hello guys, I am curious about the SEOPressor Plugin's performance for SEO, since today almost all of internet marketer recommend the Yoast and All In One SEO Pack. Do you have any experienced with the plugin and how about the performance compared to Yoast SEO plugin? Thanks in advance :)
  18. M

    Best SEO Plugin for WordPress ?

    Best SEO Plugin for WordPress and why ? WordPress SEO by Yoast All In One SEO Pack WP Social SEO Booster Premium SEO Pack SEOPressor SEO Friendly Images Any other you'd care to suggest ? Basically I have a few MNS sites and seem to have 3 or 4 different seo plugins and will migrate...
  19. webhostingproviders

    [Get] SEOPressor Best SEO Plugin - Rank Number One on Google

    Yes this is one of the best SEO plugin you can ever imagine of - If you want to rank Number One on Google - Even Yoast SEO Premium is nothing (However if you still want to download Yoast Premium version you can go here...
  20. Bostoncab

    best seo plugin? seo images plugin? Platinum seo?

    best seo plugin? seo images plugin? Platinum seo? So I have been using Platinum seo pugin since it was released but it seems the developer has abandoned it. I don't blame him you can't make money with free plugins begging for donations. As I recall the best thing about Platinum seo was that it...
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