seo optimizer

  1. J

    What's your SEO optimization strategy?

    What do you guys do for the best onpage SEO optimization? I use SEO Pressor to do my posts, I change my permalinks structure, add a image with ALT to each post, and install AIO plugin and modify it. That's about it. Anything else I am missing?
  2. MMnemonic

    Need SEO to promote Website

    I need someone to promote my Web Design Website. I know its an area with a lot of competition but I really need to get more international jobs. Traffic would be targeted to US and UK. Pricing: We would discuss the best option for both of us. My idea was giving a share on each job awarded. A...
  3. V

    Site Seo?

    Guys can u help me in wordpress, how to do onsite seo and adding h1 tags and how to get seperate posts rank high in serps with on site seo. I have searched through the forum and download sec and all i could find was local business seo books, lots of them but Nothing on doing good seo for my site...
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