seo method

  1. ber_92

    How to rank a review article for clickbank product

    Hello.. I wrote a review article for a new product on clickbank and was wondering how to rank it high on google. I did the keyword research, but looking for methods to rank for high-conversions. Current methods: 1) im answering related questions on Quora with my link. (google does not take...
  2. godknowseverything

    [SEO TIP] How I ranked #1 for a keyword that was stuck at #5 for a year

    ( Above are Buyer intent keywords like "best xxx") I created this Amazon affiliate site back in 2017 on a fresh domain. Keywords were pretty easy when I started, but I didn't focus on it apart from adding content. In August 2018, I built 20-25 PBNs using brand and naked anchors. I saw...
  3. godknowseverything

    Curation of Best BHW SEO Methods

    I was cleaning up the bookmarks list, Thought I'll share my favorite SEO guides here. I'm sure most of them will find it useful.