seo juice

  1. tazarbm

    How do I keep the juice of a long expired domain name?

    Hi, 2 years ago I have acquired a domain name that had been expired since 2012 and I just checked it in wayback machine and I noticed that it's got over 300 posts that might carry some SEO value. Currently the domain is parked (or up for sale?? I don't remember) but I intend to un-park /...
  2. djsobuj

    Does copyright domain pass seo rank?

    I have a site {like, google serp was the first page} that got copyright strick and I have a lot of backlinks pointing on this, now I want to edit my site like and redirect to Is this method, can the backlinks pass the SEO rank to my new site?
  3. B

    A rel = canonical question please

    Hi everybody! I'm new here although I have lurked here on a couple of occasions and just posted a new introduction in that forums section. I was curious on something that ocurred to me today at work. I have a seperate Google+ button to my homepage on a blank html page for a specific purpose...
  4. X

    PRstorm Banging Out Backlinks.

    On one of my sites i've used PRstorm 3 times with 0 backlinks.I'm now at 247 backlinks.I use a url harvester and my own proxied I build.How are you guys doing with PRstorm?
  5. bluey

    BHW gets indexed in google almost immediately whats the secret?

    Hi Guys I just thought i'd try something and was shocked at the result. I clicked on a web address in a post posted at 09.59 and it was indexed in Google 11 minutes later. This deserves some serious Kudos... Is this normal as I have never looked to check or is there some secret...
  6. sclick

    Looking for ways to link to these urls ....

    Hi ... looking for front door, back door or under the table ways to get listed, if only briefly on these sites:,,, and The combination of seo juice and relevance to my on-line mag will, I suspect, do wonders. My site has the kind of material...
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