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  1. tattooedbuddha

    [GUIDE] How often should you post articles on your blog? - A Comprehensive Guide

    Publication Frequency (Momentum) is the frequency of major content updates, or new content publications to take the attention of the search engine to be prioritized for being crawled, indexed, and ranked earlier and higher. Newbies and professionals alike, we’ve all wondered at least once, how...
  2. Guntater

    [DICTIONARY/GUIDE] Digital Marketing Terms and Tips

    Some of you may still be starting out, so I'll offer a helping hand. Every day, I will post an internet marketing term (black or white hat), describe it briefly, and make some suggestions regarding it. First up... LANDING PAGE A landing page is a standalone web page specifically designed for a...
  3. Outright SEO

    What is SEO and complete guide of SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to improve its ranking and visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of SEO is to increase organic traffic and make the website more appealing to search engines and users. There are two main types of SEO...
  4. rankjacker

    Outsource Your Off Page SEO : What You Need To Know!

    Hey guys, Its Rank Jacker aka Amit! Just want to share some of tips/article that I used to do while doing SEO Campaign! Hope, you enjoy it. Trying tо connect… Buying thе outsourced links mіght look like аn effortless аnd straightforward option thаn creating аnd building links bу уоurѕеlf...
  5. AmeliaLily

    How do I choose a meta description for an individual in an SEO? What is the difference between an SEO title and an SEO meta description?

    How do I choose a meta description for an individual in an SEO? What is the difference between an SEO title and an SEO meta description?
  6. davids355

    Building and Ranking Sites in 2020 - The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction Back when I wrote the last guide (Building and ranking sites in 2017 - SEO was hard. Well, it certainly hasn't got any easier today and if you are looking for a quick way to make money online...
  7. RichKIDLK

    What are the best SEO Journeys (succesful) you have bookmarked/saved from BHW?

    Hi, I want to get more knowledge from both successful and unsuccessful(to learn what not to do) seo journeys in bhw. What bookmarked threads you have to read from here to get more ideas for brand new website launcher. If you have these type of journeys kindly give those links here. Thank you.
  8. T

    The On-Page SEO Guide For Technical Processes

    Everything no one is talking about right now for Technical SEO processes. Source:
  9. K

    My CPA journey and were to go next!?

    Hello everyone, i have been doing CPA for around 6 months now and ive made 25k before my all the YT channels i owned in the good CPA niches on youtube got terminated which is bound to happen if your doing cpa on youtube. with this ive been completely stripped from my earnings and im building...
  10. xfiles999

    [GUIDE] Ranking Website Content/Article in Different Countries

    I have seen many people looking for this question at some point during their learning or implementation phase. I too had looked up a lot when I was implementing a similar case for a client and he wanted to target a specific part of his website in a different region. Well I am not a professional...
  11. skaru

    SEO Tutorial For Beginners in 2020 (by Hobo-Web) It's a long ass read (50k+ words) and I haven't even read it through yet, but I think it's worth sharing (and reading, duh).
  12. Purush

    [Video Guide] - SEO mythbusting - Google webmaster

    Hope all you guys like it. SEO communities chat about topics around technical SEO to clarify common misconceptions and answer common questions. Brought to you by Google Webmasters.
  13. Focused99

    [GUIDE]: How I Made $57,938 from 1 Single YouTube Video [2019]

    What's up, guys. I've been lurking for a long time, and finally decided to make a post for the newbies out there who want to learn more and get a better life. But first, I'll stop talking for a second. Here's screenshot proof: Watermark is so other people don't steal it to promote their...
  14. Vicky Rao

    Web 2 Problem

    I have been making Tumblr Web 2 from a long time but still not able to get it indexed! Suggest some ways and after this, I am thinking to buy GSA Service for some of my keywords on Tier 2. Does it help in ranking improvements?
  15. Finn

    Best On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2019

    Search engine optimization is not going away. As search becomes more ingrained into the way people find answers to questions and information pertaining to their activities and interests, the battle to the top will continue to be pivotal. But SEO is a tricky game that is always changing and never...
  16. kn1ves

    [Guide] Analyze Your SEO Competition Without Spending A Dollar

    Many people believe that 'Keyword Research' is the most vital part of SEO and I couldn’t agree more. If your keyword research is spot on, half the battle is already won. However, when it comes to doing keyword research people tend to analyze competition only by third-party metrics provided by...
  17. beastkay

    Google SEO Update 2019 : Voice Recognition Based

    As Big Giants like Google, Apple, Amazon have there speech recognition mates named as Assistant, Siri and Alexa. {will call them asa in this thread} By recent reports on websites the stat is like 20% of users have started using asa for there daily needs like : - "salon shops near me" "nearest...
  18. thebotmaker

    [FREE] Learn SEO: The Ultimate Beginners Guide [2018] VT:
  19. savobaby

    5 Things Google Wants You to Know About SEO

    Found these two guys on YouTube and they have the most authentic SEO tips and guides that I've ever come across. Hopefully this helps some of you newer guys on here. Not everything has to be complicated when it comes to SEO. Usually, the more simple you do things, the better the outcome!
  20. coolkasun

    How to do SEO Step By Step ?

    There are lot of link building threads in here , but there are different like some are web 2.0 , some are bookmarking , some are PBN ets , if im doing SEO for a website , what should i do first and continue other steps?
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