seo analysis

  1. A

    Alternative to Content Analysis SEO Reviews Tools

    Hi folks :) A moment ago, I found this online tool which is great, but I'm looking for an alternative that will scan a page (not an all website). If you have some recommendations, I will be happy. Thanks.
  2. M

    Analyze Websites in the Same Niche: Winners & Losers Since January G Update: Report

    I want to understand more about the January Google update. In one very small sub-niche that I follow, a type of professional service, that update caused some websites to improve drastically, others to do worse, a lot worse, and some to remain the same (All US Organic search). I can provide about...
  3. SEO Ways

    [BETA TESTERS] Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

    I have been working on a new keyword research tool which now is a working prototype, while I'm still adding more features to it and I thought that it might be good to ask for the feedback about the tool from the community before officially launching it here on BHW. Requirements: 1) You'll need...
  4. Genie100

    Looking for recommended SEO service

    Hi, Appreciate any recommendation for a good SEO service. Someone that can analyze all aspects of a website SEO. identify issues and propose recommendations for improvement. I can run Screamingfrog myself. I can look at SMERUSH, MOZ, AHREF etc.... I'm not looking for these automatic high-level...
  5. crossbg


    ⭐ PB.NETWORK ⭐ introduces ~AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL WAY~ TO OUTRANK YOUR COMPETITORS with a proper SEO strategy Before you buy links, before making a SEO plan - order a professional SEO AUDIT from our team Disclaimer: The website owner has explicitly agreed to publish their report online.
  6. Jobin John

    Free SEO Audit

    I run an SEO agency and have been doing SEO audits and sharing it with clients and others online via my YouTube channel. I was recently contacted by one of the BHW members for an SEO audit and was able to do a huge audit and SEO roadmap for them, which can be found if you search for SEO for...
  7. SugarDaddySudy

    SEO issues want expert to discuss!!!

    Hi mates, I was confused by these SEO questions for a very while and nobody fixed my issue, hope someone can kindly give me any suggestion! I have an old site ( that's my company's official website. At first I found that the blog page(wrote by WordPress) didn't actually integrate...
  8. R

    Recommended FREE/FREEMIUM SEO tools for webpage analysis reports?

    I'm looking for tools like SEO PowerSuite's Website auditor that are free/freemium. Something that analyzes website structure and content for SEO. Of course this will be limited being free tools, but that's what I can afford right now.
  9. Jasper Verelst

    Who knows a good SEO analysis tool?

    Hi guys I'm in the search for a good seo analysis tool. I would like to use it as a guideline to optimize pages / websites, and also to deliver status reports to clients. I have tried My Site Auditor, but have some doubts about the results. Anyone experienced / satisfied with a certain SEO...
  10. megaMind007

    Ahrefs Vs Moz

    How can I figure out the DR and UR of Ahrefs and what are the difference between Moz PA and DA metrics. Which is better and Why it's better!
  11. Mr Vlad

    FREE SEO Deep On-page Analysis

    Hi guys, Whoever needs a deep on-page analysis, I can provide you a detailed report. It will analyze your site + top 10 competitors for your keyword. Info I need: > your site URL > your main keyword > which SE you want to target? (e.g. etc.) I'll try to...
  12. S

    How will I follow the black hat SEO?

    If I take some SEO service from this site best-seo-expert will it black hat seo?
  13. D

    Seo question

    Hello guys .I would like to know if there is a basic formula .how to estimate the price of seo on one keyword.e.G If one company asks us to do optimisation ..Yes I know that it depends on competition and many things,but how to estimate the starting price,WHat can be e.g. 5 key inidicators for...
  14. L

    Lots of SEO techniques out there but how do YOU do SEO?

    Hello, As stated in the title there's tons of e-books and threads out there regarding SEO techniques but I'm looking to get some insight from what people are actually doing. I think this thread is going to help a lot of people. So, how do you do SEO? From writing articles to getting backlinks...
  15. veheme

    Godward SEO by - Monthly SEO Service for Real Businesses

    To Get Started... Simply click on the image above to be directed to the analysis form or you can simply click here. Review Copies 5 review copies at 25% discount for the first 3 months ... post in this thread if you want to claim it and I will be PMing you the discount code ASSUMING your site...
  16. C

    How To Get Ranking In Google ?

    I am doing SEO from past 2 to 3 years, achieved small competition keywords in local search engine(india). By doing directory, article submission, bookmarking, blog commenting. But i am getting bore with all this, trying to learn latest tactics in SEO which help in ranking with good search volume...
  17. Hootz

    Method To Quickly Get A Brief Overview Of Your SEO From Google's View

    I'd like to make a contribution to the forum so here's a quick and easy technique to get a very brief overview of your link building efforts from Google's viewpoint. It is by no means thorough but is a way of quickly and easily identifying if you have been spamming your site too much or not...
  18. blackpayman733

    Proven Link Building Method - You Can't Just Ignore - Guaranteed Links are Not Tough

    Thread closed. This seller threatened a buyer with NSEO if they left a bad review on the thread. This is not acceptable. *********************************** Proven Link Building Strategy that You Can't Ignore, This is a proven link building map, you can't ignore in your link building plan...
  19. S

    Seo for flash games

    Hi, i have a site with flash games, (tetris, desktop angry bird, etc), somebody has experience in SEO with this type of sites? thanks
  20. S

    Why and how Google is removed all the +1s from the websites?

    I am a newbie to this forum and I would like to have some help from the experienced members of this forum. I used to offer google +1s on fiverr but couple of months back Google did something which don't know how removed all the +1s that I gave on the websites. The +1s used to get reduced...