send emails

  1. KORO22

    Email database validation and distribution

    I have emails from one site 2m+ mails. I want to validate it and then send to them. Do we have e-mail specialists here who can help with it?
  2. UpwardDescent

    Best way to send emails

    What is the best way to send out a large amount of emails (to a subscribing email list, not spam) and having the emails land in the inbox? There are a lot of services out there, but most seem to just end up in the recipients junk folder. If I send it from a large amount of gmail accounts, then...
  3. ziko12345

    Any free/cheap email service which doesnt care what you send to your email list???

    I want to send cpa incentive offers to my email list. I need an email sending service which allows you to send anything from adult to incentive etc... Free/cheap preferrably
  4. trance92071

    Need Assistance in setting up a mailing solution 2-5k emails/day

    Hey Guys/Gals! I am in need of some assistance in getting a mailing solution set-up. I am aiming to send out about 2-5k emails per day to targeted email leads which I have scraped the previous day. I have been doing a lot of research on email marketing and have looked into a few different...
  5. Xaviers

    [Get] Free email sending tools

    Hey I've been seeing a lot of threads about sending mass emails so here's a link to free software that claims to send emails. Cheers.
  6. G

    3-5k emails / day

    Hi. I joined here after reading many posts. To make this short, I understand the basics mentioned here (I am new to email marketing). I have a dedicated server from which I sent emails and things were working fine until gmail bounced my emails/my ip for "unsolicited mail" which was correct...
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