sell site

  1. Dreams411

    Which is the best place to sell my site without up-front fees?

    Hey guys! I would like to know if there is a place where I can sell one of my sites without any upfront-fee. I've had this site for over 2 years now; and I currently have 120 contents on it. For some time now, I've got my hands full with school work and other projects; hence, I haven't paid any...
  2. A

    I am Looking to Buy Sites (Blogging type sites Only)

    I am Looking to Buy Sites (Blogging type sites Only) Requirements: Daily 400+ Traffic (US Top from Search Engines) Any Niche Except Adult, and Gambling. Adsense Must be Enabled site must be 6 Months OLD DA must be 20+ Note: I am buying Multiple sites having good budget PM me or add me on...
  3. webis

    Best place to sell site

    I have an online gaming website Where is the best place to sell it? I've tried flippa without success :(
  4. Makemeproguys

    Website flipping question!

    Alright guys I am a noob trying to learn and get into flipping websites and I want to know that can this model will work on flippa? 1:Make a website 2:Make it generate $100 sales per month by family and friends. 3: promote for free and send real organic traffic. 4:After 3 months put it on sale...
  5. Y

    Buy Site Film/adult

    Hello I want buy Site have 5k-10k traffic/day Who Sell inbox me in skype : affiliatemonsters
  6. simno

    Help selling this site

    Hi mates, so I have brand new site optimized to Apple products offers. The site is created for iphone, ipad, etc CPA offers. It's looking like professional site witch are offering best offers on the internet! It has almost everything that need. I was creating it full 2weeks.. ;/ But there are...
  7. M

    Sell a french call girl directory ?

    Hi, I am looking somewhere to sell a french call girl directory. I bought the domain name in June 2011, and the directory is up and running since January 2012. In March, it had : Visits: 2,319 Unique Visitors: 2,056 Pageviews: 13,046 Pages/Visit: 5.63 Avg. Visit Duration: 00 : 02 : 06 Bounce...
  8. S

    How can I sell my Sites?

    Hello Mates, I am having two blogs, one having Pr - 3 and one having Pr - 2 I am very much busy these days with my business. so not able to work on any of these. I am willing to sell both , so please suggest me where and how can I sell it for good price.. Thanks in advance.. :)
  9. P

    I'll Buy Your Useless Sites!

    If you have any sites that you no longer need then PM me as I may buy them from you. The sites need to be ranked in Google and be at least 1 year old. PR1 minimum...
  10. Y

    How much it worth for one autoblog which has 300 unique posts?

    I have some WP auto blog. Each one has about 300 unique posts. Of course, the post are scheduled. One blog for one niche market. All blogs are new. If so, how much one autoblog worth? Thanks for your reply. Arthur
  11. powforlife

    Need Help Selling a #1 Website to a Celeb

    I own a number 1 site using a celebs nick name exact dot com URL but its what everyone calls him and he blowin up right now...... It got well over 45K unique visitors this month and ranks above his wiki and FB pages. Its a PR 3 with only like 500 backlinks but that can easily be increased if I...
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