search engine optimisation

  1. D

    Recover Your Rankings From Last Google Update (Working)

    Hi guys, first of all, I'm not an SEO expert by any means, so don't get mad at me if I'm wrong. I just wanted to share my experience with yall. As you all know, many people got hit by the last Google update, and I was one of them. Luckily, I found a fix for my situation. I'm not saying it will...
  2. mnsharma769

    Hiring Someone to Unravel Website Ranking Secrets on Google!

    Hello fellow forum members, I am currently in search of a skilled freelancer who can assist me in unraveling the mystery behind a particular website's remarkable ranking for some of the highly competitive keywords on Google in the USA. I'm astonished by how this website manages to rank so high...
  3. Abdullah Mahmud

    ██████ All in One Backlink Solution-2022 ██████ ✅✅.Edu Guest Post DA:90+ ✅✅ Authority Guest Post 50k-2M Visitors ✅✅Google News Guest Pos...

    We are offering different types of link-building services. Here are the top 4 services. ✅ Edu Guest Post ( Domain Authority DA:72-90, Traffic: 40k to 1.5M) ✅ Authority Guest Post (Traffic 50k to 2M) ✅ Google News Guest Post (DA:50+) ✅ Niche Guest Post (30+ Niches, Traffic 1k to 100k) Package...
  4. GringoMonkey

    Who are the best at SEO?

    Wanted to get everyone's opinion on who they think are the best members of BHW at SEO and who they believe provides the best services, keyword research, on-page, off-page, link building etc. Appreciate all your thoughts...
  5. S

    Duplicate Content on Subdomain

    Hello Guys, Let me tell my problem. I developed a new website for my agency on a subdomain like: and when I moved the content in the main domain: I forgot to put a noindex on the developing subdomain. Now, my friend Google indexed both verions of the...
  6. Ankith K Shetty

    Need your advice - Regarding SEO with other language than English.

    Hi, I am working on a website which is mainly targeted towards visitors who are searching Romanian. Should I write my content in Romanian or should I use translator plugin which gives an option of two languages - English and Romanian? If I use a translator plugin in my Wordpress website. Will...
  7. T

    The Ultimate Guide to Magento SEO

    This new guide covers everything you need to know if you're thinking about building a new eCommerce store in Magento Open Source or migrating an existing one to Magento. Source:
  8. O

    how much/percentage of your visitors use the internal "search engine"?

    i am just in the developing phase of my first blog (i am using nextJS). and i am looking to add google custom search. (it is free for 100 queries a day and then charges 5$ for every 1000). is this a good deal?; as i don't want to pay for the API for at least a year i think!.
  9. T

    The Website Promotion Manifesto 2020 edition

    The SEO in 20xx trilogy might just bear more resemblance to science-fiction though this is based in science-fact! A legend about SEO in the past, an overview of SEO in 2020 and a fantasy describing the future of SEO. I shall tackle this topic from a historical, theoretical and visionary...
  10. T

    Find who is using your Images and get the backlink you deserve

    Links to your site or backlinks are one of the most important ranking signals in Google, but also one of the hardest to achieve. There are many ways get links, and here I'll show you how to get backlinks using your images. Source:
  11. T

    In case you want to learn the basics SEO

    you don't need to pay for expensive courses as there is enough free and super affordable info. in the world to get you started. The fundamentals are the same, content and links. Once you have the basics, FB groups can provide lots of useful insights from experienced SEOs. SEO knowledge alone...
  12. Ankith K Shetty

    Can I change my website from Tilda to Wordpress?

    Hi, I have a website which is posted with Tilda Platform ( I have good number of visitors in my website but now I want to migrate to Wordpress. If I change this will it effect my SEO? What should I do?
  13. T

    3 Things I Wish I Had Learned 2 Years Ago About SEO

    When I came for my interview here at NO BS Marketplace, Tristan and Aaron asked me a really simple question: “What is SEO?” I had been working at News Corp for the last four and a half years, selling $2,000-per-month SEO campaigns, so I got this. I went on my way telling them all about...
  14. T

    Position 0, #1 spot or both: How Google updates changed Featured Snippets

    Featured snippets have always been part of every SEO strategy as SEOs strive to grasp the coveted paragraph, list, or table results in SERPs. However, over the last few years there have been several updates to Featured Snippets that affect which content is selected and how the snippets appear...
  15. T

    How important are H1 tags really?

    Ever since the early days of SEO, H1 tags have been believed to be extremely important for ranking the content in SERPs. But are H1 tags really necessary? Here’s how Google likes to answer it: You can use H1 tags as often as you want on a page. There’s no limit, neither upper nor lower bound...
  16. Mangekyouvision

    Start a SMMA Agency and get it to 10k a month!

    I may be a bit late to the party with the whole SMMA idea but never the less I am going to throw my hat into the ring! I been wanting to do this for awhile now, maybe a year and a half. Over the past few months I came up with a game plan and I will create a complete package and offer it to...
  17. knwldgeskr

    [Need Help] Parasites disapear from search results

    Hey everybody! Lately I have been experimenting with ranking parasites to get extra $$ and some of my articles just disappear from search results. - all articles are published on medium - did some link-building - articles are still indexed if you use site: query - each keyword is golden...
  18. P

    How to create backlinks ?

    Can anyone help me to know how to create backlinks ?
  19. milespassionfingers

    Pushing down a .gov link

    I have a client who had a winding up application (insolvency) filed against them recently. It's currently sitting in position 2, underneath their domain when you search the business name. They want it pushed back to page 2 but I'm a little stuck as to how to go about it as it's a .gov link and...
  20. D

    I need a SEO service

    I have a travel blog that I have been running for about 3 years and can only get about 140 views a day from SEO. I want to grow my site to get more travftr trough ranking my keywords on my blog posts. Anyone offer or know a service or backlinking service
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