The Website Promotion Manifesto 2020 edition


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Aug 31, 2010
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The SEO in 20xx trilogy might just bear more resemblance to science-fiction though this is based in science-fact! A legend about SEO in the past, an overview of SEO in 2020 and a fantasy describing the future of SEO. I shall tackle this topic from a historical, theoretical and visionary perspective, as well as a practical standpoint, and there is a list of tasks for optimization at the end.

We know that online marketing continuously changes, which is why I am trying to envisage what we can expect in 2020 and beyond.

To know what needs to be addressed and executed to promote our websites, we have to understand that the most important thing for search engines is to provide a great user experience and deliver relevant, accurate results fast. This is a search engine’s raison d’etre, upon which their business model has been built to harvest the investment of billions of dollars! This “user experience” goes well beyond simply providing answers to certain questions, and we are not just referring to the search box and everything appearing on the results page, but in particular, to everything that happens after the click. In practice and theory, search results must be accurate, since search engines are indirectly responsible [morally at least] for any unpleasant incidents resulting from a person’s journey from the problem to the solution (stolen money or personal data, virus infection, non-functional or temporarily unavailable websites, undelivered products, delayed flights, rigged elections and so on). This is precisely where the most interesting SEO tasks reside, though not always readily apparent or visible. The job is and shall always be for SEOs to make sure that their “answer” takes the user intent into account, that it is appealing and elegant, trustworthy, certain, adapted to the user’s necessities and possibilities.

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