scraping bot

  1. panfik

    Instagram Scraping

    Why is it that whenever I try to scrape from a hashtag it only scrapes like 100-200 profiles and then logs me out? I know Instagram has limits but how do I pass that? I've been using the tool called Growman for IG scraping and it doesnt seem to be good, what should I use?
  2. kalisneezed

    AliExpress Reviews Scraper With Filters

    What's good fam? During the weekend, I wanted to import reviews from AliExpress to my Woo store any free plugin to do the job, the few browser extensions I found were mostly paid, so I decided to look for scripts on GitHub but still couldn't get any working reason being most of them are...
  3. H

    How to collect phone numbers from websites?

    I have already found a Chrome extension for email scraping and it works well. Can you suggest some app or Chrome extension? Thanks
  4. Mirkogiovannetti

    Scraper Content Bot

    Does anyone know of a bot that can scrap articles from X website, download all the article structure, including h1,h2 and images, and create a format that can be re-uploaded to wordpress.
  5. S

    News scraping and auto publishing tool

    Hello there guys. I am thinking about creating 10+ news websites, scraping and spinning the content from other news websites. With which tool i can do this? cheers
  6. F

    Hire you to do scraping - Scrape emails and phone numbers from private job board membership sites?

    Hello, I want to scrape emails, phone numbers, and contact information from 2 different job sites I want data separated into 2 buckets- companies that are hiring and people that are looking for work Below are the 2 websites. Both sites you can access some data from a public view For more...
  7. WPAutoGuy

    [POLL] "Most Wanted" Site for Web Sraping?

    If you are into web scraping, I would love to hear which are the sites you would like to scrape the most. This info helps in my research/work. Thanks!
  8. R

    Telegram Member Adder Bot

    I need to add members from a telegram group and add them to my group. I'd like to add a few thousand of them. Thanks :)
  9. May Rox

    Advice on scraping tool - SnapMap

    i'm working on a tool that scrapes SnapMap and i had a few questions - Is it normal to scrape media and files from SnapMap? Is it allowed? If I request to download media from SnapMap will I get blocked? And if so after how many requests? Does the website detect these requests? Are there similar...
  10. May Rox

    Help with scraping snapmap tool

    I wrote a tool that scrapes SnapMap and i had a few questions - 1. Is it normal to scrape media and files from SnapMap? Is it allowed? 2. If I request to download media from SnapMap will I get blocked? And if so after how many requests? 3. Does the website detect these requests? 4. Are there...
  11. NETSS

    Python practice

    Hi, I just learned python and did some scrips for my personal use , of course nothing too complex, still , im lacking of imaginations so I now want to do some projects that will help me learn and practice python further. Any projects that are good for beginners? or even if you have something...
  12. Adivertising

    Build a scraper for a website

    The website has infinite scrolling, and the contact info are visible when opening the listed item in a new tab/window. I only want the name and the phone number. Hit me up with your pricing policy and I will send the website in private
  13. lovefishin

    LinkedIn loosed major court case. Judge says scraping is totally legal.

    A while back I was using Scrappy to scrape Craigslist for all of the real estate listings and published on my own site. I got a cease and dissist letter from Craigslist. I complied and stopped scraping. But now Craigslist can kiss my ass after a judge ruled scrapping is totally legal. Check the...
  14. B

    Looking for someone to scrape states public UCC list and scrap contact info from the internet.

    Looking for someone to provide/create a took to scrape ucc filings on public sites provided by states. Also need a tool to scrape the contact info off of the internet for those businesses and persons. Please advise. As ive been told there are anti scraping software attached to the sites. There...
  15. shadow5

    Instagram Scraping (without limits) hypeauditor Q

    How is hypeauditor able to scrape data without being limited? I don't get it. IG no longer has a public api and they're grabbing a ton of data to calculate ratios. Comments, Quality comments, likes, quality of likes, etc... Not only that, but they're generating reports in like 7min. I can't...
  16. S

    How does Instagram bulk scrapers work?

    Apologies in advance if this is not the right forum for this question. I am looking to develop a script to scrape Instagram account details. The tool will take as input a list of account names and output basic information of that profile. I have a script that does this and it works as expected...
  17. B

    Scraping iStock Image

    Looking for someone to mass scrape images from istockphotos? I have ~ 4k keywords that i need to get images for.
  18. A

    scraping data

    hi I want to extract all movie names From the yidio site Only names Is there a way
  19. iconnek

    Scrape android app data

    Does anyone here have experience scraping android app data? The app communicates with remote servers via HTTP, HTTPS and perhaps it uses Thrift protocol (I'm not sure). What methods do you normally use? P.S: If anyone interested I will pm the app name. I didn't post this in Hire the freelancer...
  20. KLKE

    Xpandmail free email parsing api

    Hi mates, I wanted to share the 100% free tool that i created and allow you to create infinite mailboxes from their API. Just with one GET call you get the content of the mailbox and you can parse any link. For example is helpful to register in many sites to scrap the content automatically...
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