scrape box blast

  1. K

    About scrape box...

    yesterday I bought scrape box for my site SEO. But its hard for me to use.... there is someone can teach me for detail? I already try youtube Guide, still I can understand how to use...
  2. mainceaft

    What I do with this Scraped content site

    Hi every one . the thief I face up are a little bit smart this time . he not copy and paste from my blog to his site . her grab part from my site contents keep same title and put it in URL too .. He add some automatic words at the beginning of the article in H2 tag he strip all HTML tags...
  3. K

    Scrapebox- Get 100,000s Free Proxies With This Method??

    Hey, I was watching this video to see how to get free proxies with scrapebox (its a 3 part series). I think the method works just fine... The guy has a proxy keyword list like "*.*.*.*:1006" etc..... He has about 9,000 combos like this.... My question is 1. how the heck he comes up with...
  4. berkay1907

    [Get] 62000 Auto Approve Scrapebox Blog List - New List 08.09.2013

    [Get] 62000 Auto Approve Scrapebox Blog List - New List 08.09.2013
  5. berkay1907

    [Get] 62000 Auto Approve Scrapebox Blog List - New List 08.09.2013

    [Get] 62000 Auto Approve Scrapebox Blog List - New List 08.09.2013
  6. EloquentGentleman

    Scrapebox/Xrumer blasts on amazon products??

    Has anyone ever tried to use scrapebox/xrumer blasts to build a higher ranking in Google/get more sales for an amazon product that may be hard to rank for (or just for the hell of it)? Just a thought that came to me.... hope it doesn't sound foolish. Would like to know if this has been done...
  7. caavemaan

    Free Scapebox blast to first 20 posters. 2500 AA.

    Since I've been reading and making money off of a few of the methods from BHW I thought I'd give back a little something. :cowboy: To the first 20 people that post on this thread, you will get a ScrapeBox blast. 2500 auto approve links. It doesn't matter if you have 0 posts or 99,000...
  8. mrgrim

    back link beast list

    Any one have the blb list?or a bigger list? im will to give a few free sb blasts for it....
  9. I

    Cheapest Backlinks Ever - 300,000+ Live Backlinks - starting at $5 only

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz"
  10. pisco

    ScrapeBox - Fast vs Slow Poster! Is slow worth the time ?

    Well the question is pretty straightforward, taking into account posting in the thousands of url's, is the slow method really worth it regarding time consumed ? For instants, I harvested 10k urls, cleaned dups, run the link checker, and the blog analyser, was left with 8k, fast poster with...
  11. aldragon

    what % indexed post Scraping?

    My short but valuable experience indicates 3.79% after a month what about your scrape box abilities; I'm a noob :o
  12. macdonjo3

    ScrapeBox Blasts

    Hey Black Hatters, Tired of the frustration trying to rank your sites on Google? Looking to remove the headache and get a stream of constant visitors to your website? I offer multiple packages to suite your needs. People order our service for a few reasons: They want more time to work on...
  13. mrgrim

    Tor with Scrapebox???

    Is it possible? should it be done?:o
  14. mrgrim

    Wordpress Blocks Ips Im curious of the problem.

    Just did a sb blast on wp small blast about 500 blogs. so I went back and checked a blast I did last week very little are accepted mostly all accepted are auto accept comments. So now I have custom comments unique domains/urls(in fact I use a completely different domain each time I blast)...
  15. mrgrim

    How Many Sb Blasts Do You Do???

    I was just curious how many blog blasts do you guys do a day? I usually do 200 with a ton of custom comments, and private proxies. With Keywords as the name anchor. How many do you guys do? I wanted to do about 20,000 "clean"(no dup domains-urls) blog blasts but I don't want to get banned by...
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