ScrapeBox - Fast vs Slow Poster! Is slow worth the time ?


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Aug 13, 2010
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Well the question is pretty straightforward, taking into account posting in the thousands of url's, is the slow method really worth it regarding time consumed ?

For instants, I harvested 10k urls, cleaned dups, run the link checker, and the blog analyser, was left with 8k, fast poster with these using 90 timeout time and for connections use 20% of the proxy number (100proxy = 20 conn).

Manage to post sucessfully 4k in about 2h (maybe less), other 4k failed, scraped new proxies and went for slow, and it will take surely more than 24h at a success rate of +- 50% (atm), so I will gain maybe more 2k posted, but will waste 24h.

My gut feeling tells me it's really not worth it, unless you really find it crucial to post the best % ever (no matter what).

What are you big scrapers doing ? This seems to only make sense in High PR blogs, and very small lists, on the other hands these smalls lists maybe would benefit more by posting manually.

Sometimes I rinse and repeat the fast poster twice, more than that seems to yield little to no benefit, but i still feel the urge to waste days using the slow poster after this.
I've been testing out the slow poster and fast poster out lately and I think it is not worth it. I would need to run the slow poster for hours posting to a list that had about 2k links. I think it took me something like 15 hours using slow poster, and my success ratio hadn't gone up by that much.

I still stick to fast poster, it gets way more done in a shorter amount of time. It probably fails a handful more times than the slow poster.

I found that my success ratio with slow poster compared to fast poster didnt make too much difference.
I never use the slow poster. I always run the fast poster and make an extra run with the failed posts. Often with an extra result of +10%
I set up the same test a few weeks ago and had the same results, just go with the fast poster for now.
Slow poster doesn't have worth unless the blogs are high quality or you use a small list.

But in that case you might as well post manually.
Fast Poster only for me - have used the slow poster previously, but unless you have server resources to burn and a nice fat pipe and a high PR list then IMO its not worth it.
I never use the slow poster. I always run the fast poster and make an extra run with the failed posts. Often with an extra result of +10%
For me Fast poster is best. If you have decent server and 50+ private proxies then it can blast 400k list in 2.5 hours.
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