1. A

    Telegram Groups Scrap/Add

    Hello guys, 7 years ago I started my first business based on Telegram Groups, for this (to gain new potential clients) I was using services and at some point a custom bot to scrap users from other telegram groups and add them to mine. After some years of not doing it, I am curious - is it...
  2. Nessuno

    Scrap followers of an account

    Anyone know the best way or tool to do it?
  3. B

    Youtube category lists or scrappers?

    SocialBlade is a terrible product and for some reason it's the only product on the market for 3rd party youtube channel statistics research. I need access to channels sorted by category IE 'travel', 'sports', 'fishing', etc. and then I want to see the top 1,000 channels in each of these...
  4. M

    Scrapping followers of verified instagram profiles.

    Since update, Instagram limited the number of followers to show (around 50) on verified profiles. How can I scrape all followers from those profiles?
  5. daktyl

    Social media reposting bot request

    Is there someone who would like to make or collaborate with me to make a tool that can automatically repost content from specific accounts or hashtag ? We could add a couple of features too ofc From what I've seen it's impossible to do it with the api so it would need to be done with a scraper
  6. KJREDDY247@

    what are you people using to scrape data from Linkedin?

    I am buying from random sellers 10k data at 25-35$ for each Apollo download. Any alternatives ? or are there any cheaper sources? Thanks for the suggestions
  7. GeniusProxy

    [WTH] Scrap phone number or email from twitter/instagram

    Hello, I need someone able to scrap a phone number or email from a twitter/instagram account (list of url in csv/txt files / 5k url per day) I need a proof of your work. When you contact me if you don't give me the next information I will not answer you : •BHW profil link •Price you charge...
  8. GeniusProxy

    [WTH] Scrap Twitter

    Hello, I need a python script that scrap the number of followers from a url list. So if the account have 145564 followers it return 145564. Nothing more. When you contact me send me your BHW profil link and the price you charge. Contacts : •Skype: live:.cid.d34e9bb83b804d2e •Telegram...
  9. GeniusProxy

    [WTH] Scraper Twitter Following user from a twitter list

    Hello, I need to scrap following list from a twitter account list. So I provider for exemple 100 account, bot have to scrap me every following account (not followers) from these 100 account. Contacts : •Skype: live:.cid.d34e9bb83b804d2e •Telegram: •BHW PM
  10. GeniusProxy

    [WTH] Scraper l Telegram group members and auto DM

    Hello, I need a tools that allow me to scrap every members of a telegram group / online members and auto dm them. The Mass dm part can be a part of the scrap members. Contacts : •Skype: live:.cid.d34e9bb83b804d2e •Telegram: •BHW PM
  11. GeniusProxy

    How to get number or email from instagram/twitter account

    Hello, As said the title I'm looking to get the email or the phone associated to an instagram or twitter account. Why ? I need to do an ad campaign but I need a phone or email associated with an account to do them.
  12. GeniusProxy

    How much should I charge to scrape data for a company ?

    Hi everyone, as the tittle said I'm looking to know how much should I ask to a company for scraping social media url of their niche. I guess it depend on the company size but what's the main thing that "boost" the value of your scrap. Imagine I scrap 4k twitter/insta account of the company...
  13. GeniusProxy

    [WTH] Scraper dev

    Hello, I was making a scraping script and I have a problem for scrap a part on the website I scrap. I'm looking for someone that could help me to make the function to scrap 2 informations. Ofc I pay for the Function. Thanks Contacts : •Skype: live:.cid.d34e9bb83b804d2e •Telegram...
  14. hustler0395

    suggestions for nice webscrapping software,website

    my question is suggest nice scrapping idea that u'd like to see irl like a software you always wished it existed on any niche (social media,websites,crypto,reral estate ....) also thank you bhw community
  15. FCDSerendipity

    Instagram scraping followers

    Hi all, Wondering if there are any tools or panels available to scrape the followers of a given account and show basic information about each follower (post count/follower count/following count) and export to .csv or similar spreadsheet. Used to use massplanner back in the day but that doesn't...
  16. A

    How can I extract number of LinkedIn search results

    Hi please I need help extracting the number of results for each keyword in .txt file. For example, my keyword is "buy cars", the element I want from the search is "172 results": Now let's say I have 100 keywords in a .txt file and want to extract the number of results for each how can I achieve...
  17. F

    Friends, I have an inquiry about scraping videos from a study site, how?

    Guys, I have a computer and everything you want or ask of me, but I want a way to extract clips from the site, and I am waiting for your response to my post hotter than embers , Thank You .
  18. I Am Batman

    Where can I get the list of all app's name publish in Google Play or App Store?

    Hi, I want the list of all app's name published in Google Play or App Store? I need it for my websites. Is there any API or website has this database? Really appreciate it if you could help me.
  19. H

    Scrap Google url SERP Zennoposter

    Hi, I met a problem and didn't find any solution. I'm trying to scrap url on google serp, but i can't scrip it because a h3 class is remove (before i was taking this part) and i don't how to take the url from <a href ; because Zennoposter desn't regonize the div class. Any idea ?
  20. mrgeorge

    hello guys anyone use GSA or SENUKE

    Hi dear friends ,i have aquestion please i want to submit mulitple articles to randoom forums , can i do that with Senuke , or any other software , i have senuke installed already , if anyone can help please
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