1. Mutexxx

    Scrapware | ❤️ Instagram Scraper Service ❤️ | No proxies, scrapper accounts needed

    F.A.Q - How can I get free trial? You can ask me and I will provide you invitation link with 10$ bonus balance. - Which payment methods you accept? At this moment we accepting BTC only. Contact us if you have any questions or proposes. - What I need to install? No installations required as...
  2. FriendlyPufferfish

    how to scrap news from a long list of newspapers?

    hi, any newbie-friendly, preferably free way to scrap news with a specific keyword from a list of 200 sites? using google commands and copypasting the links has proved to be a pain and slightly unreliable, and I am getting a little desperate. edit: what I need to scrap is the URL of articles...
  3. L

    Scraping tool

    Any good tools for scraping a website page that contains pop up with the info I need Thank you in advance guys
  4. Melanasut


    Hi, I'm new here and I have a question. Do you know any programs / systems for IG where this system will be scrapping people without adding their accounts. Of course, it's nice if it had filters like: -When he last added a post -Does he have an avatar etc. I had one show (was on the website) But...
  5. J

    Daily tracking specific keywords positions in google search

    I am golang developer and for learning purposes I want to create small system to track the rankings of my website for some specific keywords. I want my program to get keywords rankings on a daily basis. What is the best solution? I tried just to scrap google search results. It works using...
  6. M

    Scrape Email and Phone for Insurance Marketing

    I am interested in the following: hot insurance leads. I have been reading various threads about scrapping URLs and social media, also scrapping Google. Have seen various tools, and am most impressed with Scrapebox. Basically, I am faced with buying expensive leads to make insurance sales. These...
  7. M

    Can you scrap a facebook group?

    I would like all the content that appears on the group to be uploaded to my website. How to do that? Is there another solution? Facebook api enables this option? Can I scrap/connect a group that does not belong to me?
  8. P

    SEO and Facebook Private Group Scrapper

    Hello, I am paras and new here nice to connect with you all. I am looking for two things. 1) I need a good SEO done for my website so it shall rank high in a short time. 2) I need a tool or somebody to extract emails from a private Facebook group so I can target them with custom audience add...
  9. T

    How to Scrape Users on Instagram?

    Hello Fellas, Hope all are banking hard, if not the good time is yet to come. :) I came here to ask, how can scrape users based on hashtags, like if I want scrape users who are using #model hashtags tools I have is jarvee, proxies etc. Any advice is highly appreciate.
  10. weirdo23

    How to scrap a video link from

    Hey everyone,does anyone knows how can i get a movie link so i can upload it to my account ?
  11. ziloud

    Scrap with ScrapeBox

    Hello everyone I would like to scrape with ScrapeBox requests in the SERP it is a precise request with the Google commands site: I would like to scrap out only the first link With ScrapeBox after clicking on "Start Haversting" an idea? Otherwise I'm taking another solution to get only the...
  12. M

    Scrap Facebook Friend ID

    Hello, i´m searching a tool / addon / Script which that i can scrap the ID´s or Username of all my Friends in my Friendlist. To this i´m using Toolkit for Facebook, but that free Software doesn´t work anymore. Does anyone have a idea ? I have some Accounts with 5000 friends
  13. Tatu kh

    Is there any way I can get Live Updated from a website to automatically updated on my website

    Hi, BHW I am starting a new blog website. The thing is I want to have that updated the current anime season and episode This website updated anime series and episode live. So, I want to use this Live Updated features on my website as well Is there any way I can...
  14. BlackGrumps

    [WTH] Someone to grab/scrape emails

    Hi fellow freelancers of BHW :cool: I'm looking for someone who can scrape or manually grab contact emails from businesses within a certain industry. I have several directories for you to begin your search. I would do this myself but unfortunately do not have the time at the moment. Hit me up...
  15. norkodeo

    [WTH] Custom scrapping tasks

    Hello, looking someone experienced in scrapping content/links from different custom sources. I'll provide sources and all info required. Please contact me on s..kyp,e - norkodeo or Telegram : norkodeo or here direct on PM.
  16. nino59

    Selenium or other to simulate Mobile browser for instagram?

    Hello, If you open some Instagram account from mobile app, you'll see sometimes a button "E-mail". If you click on it, you get the email :). Unfortunately, we don't see this button from Desktop browser (even in mobile size). So you guess what I would like to do? :) I and would like to know if...
  17. KJREDDY247@

    Data scraping bot cost?

    If we need a bot to scrape data from 2-3 specific websites how much do people normally charge to make a bot like that? On what specifications does the cost depend?
  18. W

    Scraping porn videos links

    HI, is legal scrap porn videos links and then post them on my website? Thank you
  19. Pro-Hustler

    Scraping links from an FB page

    An FB page which has tons of consistent uploads is my target. The captions along with each video's links are to be copied down in a decent manner. The page buffers a lot upon scrolls and leads to a browser crash as it's loading tonnes of data. How can I possibly scrape each video URL with the...
  20. GrandScraperG

    I can bypass distil-network anti scraper - What's next?

    Hi Guys! I am a security researcher that currently have a solution to bypass all any scraping protection made by distil. ticketmaster Skyscanner edreams finnair lufthansa whitepages ticketmaster similarweb Skyscanner AND MUCH MUCH MUCH more sites (thousands in numbers) It's a worldwide...