1. I Am Batman

    Where can I get the list of all app's name publish in Google Play or App Store?

    Hi, I want the list of all app's name published in Google Play or App Store? I need it for my websites. Is there any API or website has this database? Really appreciate it if you could help me.
  2. H

    Scrap Google url SERP Zennoposter

    Hi, I met a problem and didn't find any solution. I'm trying to scrap url on google serp, but i can't scrip it because a h3 class is remove (before i was taking this part) and i don't how to take the url from <a href ; because Zennoposter desn't regonize the div class. Any idea ?
  3. mrgeorge

    hello guys anyone use GSA or SENUKE

    Hi dear friends ,i have aquestion please i want to submit mulitple articles to randoom forums , can i do that with Senuke , or any other software , i have senuke installed already , if anyone can help please
  4. B

    anyone having problems scrapping IG likes?

    is anyone else having problems scrapping IG likes? i never had a issue then today program keeps scrapping maybe 15 names across 8 posts and then stops saying its target list is over, can still scrap followers just fine
  5. Y

    Facebook Scrapping Tool

    Hello guys, is there any scrapping tool/service that allows me to scrap Facebook post/acc like users and get all the info available such as (name, ID, email, phone number, bio, username...). I know that such tools exists with Instagram and Twitter, but for Facebook, I really have no clue, can...
  6. omartaheri2005

    tool that can scrape any site from internal links

    I want to get all udemy courses links for my small project. The number of courses is more than 250k, and I have not found any tool that can do this task Is there any tool that can scrape all udemy internal links? I hope you can help me :)
  7. snowmanstudio

    How To Scrap Only Image(.JPG .PNG etc) from a whole website (not just a page)?

    I want to scrap all image file from a website. Any tools for this? :alien:
  8. Saif14

    AI Content Generator API

    Hi everyone is there any AI Content Generator website that provides API
  9. P

    what is this website story

    i have seen a lot of websites being mirrored by another website copy & paste same content , but all of the copy website have one similar thing they all have this orange arrow in the bottom of the website andwhen u click on it it redirect to this website BTW how i can do that too
  10. A

    Domain List monetization

    Hello everyone, hope you all have a happy new year's eve! So to get straight to my point, supposedly you had the ability to collect millions of domains (random but registered domains), and also had the ability to scrap them, categorize them somehow, what would be your approach to monetize that...
  11. arthuditu

    Scrapping instagram

    Hello everyone. I need a download or cloud program that will collect Instagram username or ID for me. Must have filters of the type: -How many subscribers -Has an avatar -Search via hashtag. Can anyone recommend something reasonably priced and easy?
  12. Mutexxx

    Scrapware | ❤️ Instagram Scraper Service ❤️ | No proxies, scrapper accounts needed

    F.A.Q - How can I get free trial? You can ask me and I will provide you invitation link with 10$ bonus balance. - Which payment methods you accept? At this moment we accepting BTC only. Contact us if you have any questions or proposes. - What I need to install? No installations required as it...
  13. JavascriptPufferfish

    how to scrap news from a long list of newspapers?

    hi, any newbie-friendly, preferably free way to scrap news with a specific keyword from a list of 200 sites? using google commands and copypasting the links has proved to be a pain and slightly unreliable, and I am getting a little desperate. edit: what I need to scrap is the URL of articles...
  14. L

    Scraping tool

    Any good tools for scraping a website page that contains pop up with the info I need Thank you in advance guys
  15. Melanasut


    Hi, I'm new here and I have a question. Do you know any programs / systems for IG where this system will be scrapping people without adding their accounts. Of course, it's nice if it had filters like: -When he last added a post -Does he have an avatar etc. I had one show (was on the website) But...
  16. J

    Daily tracking specific keywords positions in google search

    I am golang developer and for learning purposes I want to create small system to track the rankings of my website for some specific keywords. I want my program to get keywords rankings on a daily basis. What is the best solution? I tried just to scrap google search results. It works using...
  17. M

    Scrape Email and Phone for Insurance Marketing

    I am interested in the following: hot insurance leads. I have been reading various threads about scrapping URLs and social media, also scrapping Google. Have seen various tools, and am most impressed with Scrapebox. Basically, I am faced with buying expensive leads to make insurance sales. These...
  18. M

    Can you scrap a facebook group?

    I would like all the content that appears on the group to be uploaded to my website. How to do that? Is there another solution? Facebook api enables this option? Can I scrap/connect a group that does not belong to me?
  19. P

    SEO and Facebook Private Group Scrapper

    Hello, I am paras and new here nice to connect with you all. I am looking for two things. 1) I need a good SEO done for my website so it shall rank high in a short time. 2) I need a tool or somebody to extract emails from a private Facebook group so I can target them with custom audience add...
  20. T

    How to Scrape Users on Instagram?

    Hello Fellas, Hope all are banking hard, if not the good time is yet to come. :) I came here to ask, how can scrape users based on hashtags, like if I want scrape users who are using #model hashtags tools I have is jarvee, proxies etc. Any advice is highly appreciate.