1. NurtureSales

    Extracting Email id's from Domain names - Plugin or Tool or Addon ?

    Hi, I have many domains and I would like to scrap email id's of the corresponding websites. What is the best plugin or tool or addon that you will suggest ? One time pay is fine. Thanks in advance.
  2. G

    Need a rotation Service to Scrap Amazon 24/7

    Hi all. I need a rotation proxie service, where i can pay up to 100$, and use a pool of ips that they refresh daily. Can you please give me some names of good providers, that will allow me to access good proxies with the intention of scrapping amazon? Thanks
  3. tianbo84

    Scraping a movie database

    Does anyone know of a movie database that is downloadable. I know IMDb had one but it is far too huge and the data is spread across multiple files that need to be parsed. I was hoping that someone might know of say xls or CSV file that might have like 20k+ titles with info in order to upload...
  4. kurosaki4d

    Question about domain name blacklisting

    Hi, Currently, i'm into cold emailing and as you already know there are multiple blacklisting organizations that we might get listed at ! So i would like to know if my domain name gets listed/blacklisted in just one of those organizations, does that means that my emails will fall into spam in...
  5. KartikJha

    How do we scrape all those thousands of results from Google search?

    Hi guys, Is there any standalone bot (keeping SB and GSR aside) which can give me all the results from Google for a specific search with proxy?
  6. DanDD

    account followers scrapper?

    hi, does anyone know a reliable bot or script to scrape account followers most i have seen are limited on requests im using jarvee for not but does not completely do the job been days struggling to find a solution any help is appreciated
  7. kurosaki4d

    Tool to click on specific elements of page

    Hello, I'm looking for a tool like a macro that allows to go inside the navigator and access a certain given URL to click on specific links multiple times inside the page (these links have the same CSS class names). So that means it needs to simulate that action multiple times, the tool should...
  8. B

    Search For Scrapper: LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook Groups

    LinkedIn, Facebook Groups & Twitter Email Scrappers. Anyone knows anything about where to find any of them?
  9. kurosaki4d

    Looking for App that searches inside source code page

    Hi, I'm looking for an app that can look for specific keywords inside the code source of the web pages ? Does a such an app exists ? With your experience & knowledge can anybody point me in the right direction ? Thank you NOTE : i have a list of urls and i would like to search in each of...
  10. lejovaar7

    scraping facebook

    Hi everyone, First of all, apologize if I have writing errors. I speak Spanish. ----------- I am trying scraping data from facebook fan pages. I am using URL Profiler. First I searched on google a got urls from fan pages. next I got all urls of google and saved it on txt archive. next...
  11. Renfield-Files

    Ranking higher than NYT using their own content?

    I'm using NYT here just for the sake of argument. I've set up a blog about some content (5 KW targeted) from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. 67 posts/reviews, bio, scripts, interviews and so from big guns like NYT, LA Times and even Rolling Stone. Also, content from some deceased/defunct...
  12. SEOWhat

    YellowPages and Email scraping

    Hi, I need someone to search for businesses in yellowpages, and then trough the available website's for those businesses on yellowpages scrap contact email address on that business website. We have $xx budget for this for a first round of emails, and we are ready to pay this per US regions...
  13. K

    scrap ideas?

    Hi people, Do you have some original ideas on what data could be in theory automatically scrapped from the web to give some worthy information? I was thinking about scrapping auction data from my local auction portal to find out what's selling best, but maybe you've got some different ideas...
  14. Neuros

    Want to hire someone to scrape website informations for me

    Is not as easy as it seems though. Who ever thinks is good at this type of work please PM me. I do a lot of different stuff to generate incomes so I am contantly looking for someone who is more like a multi - task guy. More information in PM.
  15. N

    Scrap facebook email adresses

    Hey folks Does anyone know if there is a program or a automated bot to scrap facebook email adresses of groups and pages. For example: I want all facebook email adresses who likes the page: "ICOindex" or everyone who joined the group "bitcoin community" Thank you
  16. V

    Good Script to Scrap Profile Linkedin

    Hey ! Someone have a good script to scrap Linkedin Profile ? Like in python or Node JS? Or someone can find for me API key access with r_fullProfille to access to information profile user ? Thanks
  17. oneseven

    Are VPN important if I'm just exploring Twitter?

    I want massively scan Twitter and record all the activity of certain subnet where some specific accounts have activity. I know that VPNs are important working with bots (twitting, following, etc), but I just want to get info using the Twitter API. For this purpose, it's important use VPNs...
  18. goldenstate

    Need Classified Scraper for Houses for Rent -Phone Numbers and Link URLS

    Need Classified site Rental Ads in different cities Only need phone number and the link to the ad
  19. C

    I need someone to scrape emails from a website

    I am trying to scrape some websites for EMAILS that are not publicly available of their users. Emails are entered when you create an account with the website... Is this possible? I know of someone who had done this before so I hope I am looking in the right place. If this is your expertise I...
  20. B


    What is best for scrapping like i want to scrap the data of this site ben