scholarship backlinks

  1. edwardmiller

    {GET} Email Ids of Schools/Colleges/Universities - Scholarship Link Building

    I built an Amazon affiliate website back in 2017, did some great work on On-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO, didn't make much out of it though as I moved onto PPC. I used Scholarship backlinks to rank my website, and it did pretty well on quite a competitive keywords. So, thought why not share the...
  2. Focused99

    Does Scholarship EDU Method Work in 2019?

    What's up, guys. Just wondering if anyone here who's experienced could help me out. Does the scholarship method still work in 2019, or does Google now consider it spam? It seems like a great way to boost your rankings and overall trust with Google, but then again, if it's something completely...
  3. L

    Scholarship Link Building Contact List?

    Does anyone on here have a contact list of schools and other sites/resources I could buy? I'm doing a scholarship link building project for a client and would love to be able to start with a ready-made contact list! Thanks for your help!
  4. snowboardnj

    How I Completed a Successful Scholarship Campaign with Fiverr AMA

    Hey guys! I have been a member of BHW for a while and I think I finally have something valuable to contribute! I have learned so much here and I am happy to be able to give back. I first became interested in creating a scholarship campaign after reading about it on this forum. I've read a...
  5. SEOWorlock

    Does EDU Scholarship Links have effect?

    Why I'm asking this! I see several offers here which even offer promotion on pharma websites on scholarship links which for me is insane. The outreach process is very expensive 10 links must pay 200$ and up. Process is damn simple Premade Offer for Scholar templates which must be put on your...