1. I

    [NEED] Post scheduler for IG, FB, TikTok and YT

    Hello BHW community! Can anyone recommend me a good tool which allows me to schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube? I post videos every day, reels, stories, shorts, etc. and I need something to make my life easier haha Any good tools/bots for this? Thanks in advance! :)
  2. gentishady

    Any App or Software for Reels Automation/Scheduler ?

    Hello BHW fam how are you ? I'm looking for a free Instagram/FB/Tiktok reels scheduler for bulk posts. I have around 400 Reels that I need to automate to post about 3 daily. Any app suggestions except Preview/Plann and other apps that are limited to 20 posts ? Thanks
  3. T

    Youtube upload scheduler free or paid (question)

    I'm in need of a youtube video upload scheduler, Any suggestions for a tool or can I buy a tool from a freelancer?
  4. Apocalypto

    Need help with scheduler apps

    Didn't know where exactly to post this so forgive me if I've messed up, mods please move it if needed. Lately I feel like I've been slacking too much or I find myself spending too much time on one project and end up not doing anything productive at all. As a result, I am constantly chasing more...
  5. A

    Instagram Autoposter

    Hello guys, I want to develop simple instagram scheduler and autoposter. Without any other follow/unfollow etc. Just web-based poster with proxy support. And I just wonder if there will be people willing pay for it? I mean about 10$ /month with support of 3 account and another 3-4$ for one...
  6. Julie Chang

    Has anyone used QueuePlus?

    Hi everybody i'm excited to be here, your forum and the knowledge it offers is amazing! I need a image scraper and something to schedule posts for Tumble. I have followliker (tumblr version) but was also thinking of using QueuePlus in conjunction with it but have read poor reviews about it...
  7. SuperShane

    [Get] Pinvictus - Schedule Everything on Pinterest

    Pinvictus v1.2.5 is now back for general public. The old thread is buried somewhere way back, might as well start this new thread, and all future updates will be posted here, so stay tuned. Screenshots: (some are borrowed from older versions, too lazy to capture new ones) Changelog...
  8. P

    Post here if you know a Reddit scheduled poster bot

    Hello. I want to be able to schedule posts( let's say at an 8 minute or custom intervals) on Reddit. Tried to do this with ifttt but I couldn't figure anything out besides posting from evernote (but withought a schedule) Even found a chrome extension to do that, but it doesn't work propperly...
  9. T

    New and Looking for FB Page advice and direction

    I am looking for some sort of Facebook Fanpage scheduler. I am interested in all but am definitely looking for something with a link extractor to then schedule to Facebook Fanpages. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I may even be interested in paying someone to build me what I need.
  10. Madruga

    Any Online Organizer/Scheduler?

    Yes I did used Google but.. So I'm looking for some nice online scheduler/organizer, something similar to the purpose of an agenda. Where I could put my goals, objectives, must do stuff, appointments, birthdays etc I had and still have a real paper agenda, but I can't carry it with me all the...
  11. lulolulito

    Ads Scheduler?

    hi ya'll I am looking for a script that i can use to schedule adsense on some of my websites, I need to tell the script to run adsense from 8am-6pm everyday and the rest of the time to show cpa offers. anyone knows of anything like that? much appreciated in anticipation
  12. beefsupreme

    Scheduled Video Uploading

    I'm looking for some software application that would enable scheduled automatic uploading of videos. Like I'd have the app running in the background with a queue of videos, then it would automatically upload a specific video once or twice a day, depending on the queue of course. Primarily to...
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