1. D

    Dispute Against Bagsellers = @Frenemi

    Bagsellers (@Frenemi in telegram) was supposed to sell me 2 corporates google dev account for 1400USD. After a long wait, he finally told me he do not have them (See picture) He also told me that he will refund me, I am still waiting. Please find all the picture attached. Thanks for adding...
  2. A

    Scammed By (Stay Away!) - Real Review

    Beware of those thieves scam. Here's my honest review. They advertise thousands of courses and tools but in reality they have absolutely nothing of it. their vip membership is fake too. It's the same owner as Empresstorrent or G3Tcourses. You'll see that they also only accept cryptos because...
  3. issmail

    got scammed by @Matron for twitter ads account

    seller account : @Matron seller tread : I purchased a Twitter advertising account from @Matron a week ago For $120 proof of payment He gave me an account...
  4. A

    Proxidize - Beware of this scammers

    After being a proxidize customer with a license for over 2 years, they have decided to disconnect my service overnight leaving me stranded and making me lose thousands of dollars. I have read similar cases on the internet. Their customer service is pitiful. I am making this post to warn everyone...
  5. Goku San

    ⚠Scammer Alert⚠ Got Scammed $2300 from

    He is a pure fraud, I was searching for Two AWS 25K accounts and found he is selling them Profile Link: freshyshops( I asked him if he had stock or not he said "YES" I checked double that it was a scammer or not, I told him to text me...
  6. Intritri

    chielou-june.863535 trying to partially scam

    well i found his contact details on bhw for the app development . i contacted him on skype and explained the project details which he had to complete in 3 weeks and i paid 586$ in advance. He is From India so i asked him if he can take the payment via Indian payment method because it would be...
  7. stefand

    Scammed by the @Mr.Real

    Hi! I want to share my unpleasant experience with @Mr.Real He promised to deliver high threshold Ad Account. After the payment was made (800$) he blocked me everywhere. Please beware as he's just a scammer. ⚠️ Hello, This is his marketplace link...
  8. Filip94

    Beware of this scammer @GhMaclean Tel

    The Guy named All_Mighty_Necromancer and his telegram @GhMaclean has scammed us for more than 275$ via BTC. He was supposed to deliver Traffic to Onlyfans page, He was all polite when he asked for more money for proxies after we sent him the 275$ and we refused to give him more because that was...
  9. S

    Scammed by (stay away!)

    Hey, just a quick public service announcement. Few days ago I was looking for a Sam Woods AI copywriting course. I stumbled upon on a sub-reddit called GreatXCourses where the owner recommended heading over to their website to get it. Followed the link, scrolled to the bottom where I found...
  10. mrhatter

    Dispute: @mrhatter vs @Hunows for $720

    I waited a long time, until today. More than 240 days passed since I paid money to @Hunows, and still didn't got my service. At first, I ordered MC011 ebay account reinstatement, and after few days came, he reinstated but after few hours passed, in same day account became suspended again. He...
  11. TJ_Ana

    [REQUEST] Safe Buying: Demand Better Buyer Protection from BHW Marketplace

    Hi everyone, We all know how convenient it is to buy any services on Marketplace here, but sometimes things don't go as planned and we end up getting scammed by sketchy sellers: Shitlist against @targetshow ( Scammed for $1200 by X2 Emails / Vicky & Zeeshan Those are two...
  12. Tntgame

    @textexploit is a scammer be aware

    I sent a $1000 USD and for days no action please stay away from him guys I can’t believe such people exist
  13. B

    ' Elenmask ' stole $150 for ratings

    I'm new to BHW but had to make sure this is heard as do not want others to fall for the same scam. I got scammed $150, by this same 'Elenmask ' shown on another shitlist post, using the same link found on his profile. He convinced me that the above was not him and that the person above clicked...
  14. Bookmaker

    Shitlist against AdsEmpire - SCAMMERS

    Hi Staff, Member: I joined their Network this month. Today I got a message out of the blue on telegram accusing me that my traffic is fraud with a file showing that some leads were only 30 seconds on the site and that they will...
  15. J

    @Elenmask stole $100 in BTC.

    Had an agreement for some review work. Seller stole $100.00 in BTC. When he said he'd refund I just got blocked. Check screenshots here: Username: @Elenmask Skype Screenshot Just contacted him &...
  16. TheCoin

    @cryptoniancs SCAMMER - I Paid $1100 (He pretend to run Google Ads for Crypto offers)

    Hello BHW admins and moderators, I suggest you guys to implement more rules and strict verification process for VIP/Premium members because is supposed to trust buying services from them in the Forum right! I am talking with this shit of SCAMMER @cryptoniancs - till on 12 May, 2022 after...
  17. F

    Scammer Report - Username Savobaby - Forbes Article

    Hi guys! I'd like to report the user Savobaby as scammer. Took advance payment of $800 for Forex article, I trusted him because he has 11 years old account on BHW, however the order wasn't delivered and he disappeared from Telegram and deleted account. He also tried to reach me from other...
  18. F

    Shit List against @fifibrindacier

    First time a is scamming me. Contacted fifibrindacier ( to purchase the account he claimed to have. He asked for 5,330 USDT-erc20 for the account, which I paid (tx -...
  19. thebotmaker

    Scammed by buyer @Legitonuorah for $1000

    Proof the other party has been informed of this shit list: Proof of Contact: Summary of Dispute: I contacted him previously in regard to making a bot for Coinmarketcap, he asked for my Telegram and the bulk of the communication was done there. After we discussed the details, I started...
  20. Michele981

    The Biggest scam i ever had "CRYPTOLOCG"

    Dear users you were RIGHT! Yes, as you said, it was a big scam.. I should have listened to you. Past days ago, i did a post about my investiment into (making money) about BOT of CRYPTOLOCG --> IG PAGE: Here is what i wrote:
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