safe page

  1. H

    Is it ok to copy Safe Page content from other Site?

    Is ok to copy content from other site for your safe page
  2. H

    What should I show in White/Safe page for Crypto Cloaking?

    I want to advertise a Cryptocurrency Exchange referral sign up link and want to create a white page for it however I don't have much ideas what should I put in it. I want to create a white page that is related to cryptocurrency. If anyone can give me links of example etc. it would be great. I...
  3. MrStutberg

    Facebook safepage should be unique or it doesn't matter?

    Hello everyone I have a question regarding cloaking on facebook. Do you always generate a new safepage when running camps on fb? At the moment every time I run a fb campaign I look for new safepage, but in the end they are not top quality and it takes some time to do it. I was wondering...
  4. Ohad179

    Safe Page for Gamble ads / casino landing page offers

    Hello, i need a Casino landing page for my B.H offer. i also need a SAFE PAGE for FB bots. this needs to be 1000000% Safe and no bad keywords!!!! Please PM me your offers AND if you have made any sites like this BEFORE so i can check please. If you have made B.H Facebook ads ( text // images...
  5. Georgebg

    ⭐⭐⭐MySafe.Site - 1-Click Safe Site Builder - Scale Up Your Campaigns Today!⭐⭐⭐

    Are you an affiliate marketer? 1-Click Safe Site Builder - Scale Up Your Campaigns Today! Sick of waiting too long and overpaying for your Safe Sites? MySafe.Site solves both issues! Your new Safe Site is just a click away… Our System Does The Process in Two Parts: Automatic - 1) 1 Click...
  6. Adaccounts

    Safe Pages/Websites GDN & FB Compliant- Quick Turnaround- Cloak Away!

  7. M

    Adwords CPA hide my cloaked domain.

    I am running adwords for a long time but not for CPA. I want to know how am i able to get this work without getting banned by affiliate network. 1. In my cloaker is ok to put for money page CPA link? There will be a problem with the affiliate network because they will see the referrer and if...
  8. takscith

    How to run Adcombo's COD offers with Facebook Ads?

    I am new to facebook marketing also affiliate marketing cash on delivery offer. I would like to promote Adcombo network's cash on delivery offers through facebook ads. To promote these offers through facebook, I can't directly place my affiliate link with facebook ads, so I need to create SAFE...
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