1. AceProxies

    ✅ - ⚡⚡⚡Premium Data Center & Residential (Static & Rotating) Proxies | Instant Delivery | BHW Exclusive Discount | HTTP/H...

    Reply to this thread with “Ace Proxies BHW Offer” and receive your 20% Discount via Direct Message Want a free trial? We offer a 24-hour FREE trial. Sign up and fill out this trial request form and don’t forget to mention what type of proxy you wish to try. Feel free to reach out for questions...
  2. deathass01

    Game Gold Farming?

    Hey All, Just wondering if anyone on here is doing it, I've seen posts recently on some OSRS botting websites of people fetching up to $2k per day from the bot farms that they are running, It would be very interesting to know the income if people are doing this as a full-time job, or side...
  3. cocuk

    runescape botting failed so bad

    Hello, i have been reading posts about runescape botting latelty and i wanted to try it myself: * I botted for only 2 days and 10 hours in total (4 hours first day, 6 hours second day). * During this time, i fought mobs, mined and cut some woods. * I also take over character and played it...
  4. Etchy

    OldSchool RuneScape? Best/Worst F2P Money Fast (First Post)

    Hello, First id like to say im new to BHW but i used to post on TTG :) OldSchool RuneScape ____________________________________ I Play OldSchool RuneScape to pass some free time, but i can never find a good enough way to get a f2p bond. I've found many tutorials on how to make gold but not...
  5. deathass01

    Making Money With Goldfarming - Who's done it?

    So if you didn't know there's this way of making money online - you can play video games and then sell the in game items for real money! Here's a picture of a GoldFarming Bot! It's killing a monster for money. Personally I've ran a couple of bot farms on a game called Runescape and had...
  6. Graves™

    Question about this site I am starting up.

    Well I am starting a site that sells virtual gold(GP) for the game "RuneScape". I have the domain name RSGP . info, and my partner has 2.3 Billion GP in the game. So he is going to sell the 300 million GP for $150 to invest in the site. I originally wanted to sell the gold normally, and then...
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