1. tattooedbuddha

    DeepL launches DeepL Write (Beta)

    DeepL, usually known for their translating service, has now launched a new service called "DeepL Write". It's a beta launch. But it might be interesting to see what comes of it. They claim features similar to those of a rewriting and paraphrasing tool, such as: Fix grammar and punctuation...
  2. Dark Hat 007

    I Need Your Advise And Suggestions For My New Company

    Hello BHW, I've gained so much from here, and I'm appreciative. I recall posting this "I'm Tired Of Being Broke, Help Out!" on 14th Feb 2020. Not like anything huge has happened, but God has done a lot, and resources/advises under that post (BHW in general) has helped too. Well, to cut to...
  3. Roger Marquez

    [LOOKING] High-Quality & Affordable Rewriting Service

    As the title indicates, I am looking for a rewriting service. [WHAT DID I DO] I recently purchased a big chunk of PLR articles and I am about to get another chunk from expired domains. [PLAN SUMMARY] In the next few weeks, I intend to launch a couple of sites monetized with affiliate links...
  4. samwarez

    URL rewriting

    I have a URL that looks like: How would I go about converting that URL to: How do I go about making friendly URLs in PHP or .htaccess?
  5. shadowmk

    Article rewriting and adsense

    Hello guys, I am interested in starting new blog, take articles from other websites and rewrite them, and post them on my adsense page. Do you guys think that is safe and how much it will cost me to get articles rewritten and also what is the best way to do it. Thanks
  6. ContentWriter

    Auto Spinner VS Human Re-writer

    Some might be using a good spinning tool but a real writer might do the job better. Which do you prefer most of the time? Thanks for the replies in advance. :) Phoebe
  7. J

    Rewrite Content To Optimize Or Just Build Links

    I have a blog post dated 2014 that ranked #40 in semrush. The KW has 15 keyword difficulty on KW Finder and 18 on long tail pro. It has 9,900 monthly searches on keyword planner. The article is not SEO optimized and don't have any backlinks to the url. Also, the content that discusses the KW is...
  8. worldytraveler4

    Rewriting Articles Method - What Sites Are Best

    Hello, I'm wondering which site is the easiest or best way to make money just by rewriting ~20 articles per day? Secondary question not as important - which niches are best to write in to get paid the most?
  9. B

    Is rewriting articles = plagiarism?

    Hi guys, Is rewriting articles = plagiarism? Note: my major income from adsense. The subject i write on is ancient knowledge. with countless research material both online and offline. my site was published between 3 to 7 years ago. I check and recheck for plagiarism, using 2 different...
  10. K

    Command line based article spinner for windows?

    Hi, I'm looking for a command line based content spinner. I have a lot of data to be spinned. Subscription type spinners will cost me a lot. Also I need to automate the whole thing so command line is a must. The spinning doesn't have to be that good though. Any ideas?
  11. H

    SLICK CONTENT REWRITING SERVICE | Native Writer | Premium Quality | Top Speed

    SLICK CONTENT REWRITING SERVICE Have you found an Interesting, Informative, and Exciting content and need your content to have similar structure and incorporate key information? Do you want to REHASH existing content to be more Sensational and Valuable? Do you simply want a REWRITE...
  12. Sieni

    Looking for someone to rewrite recipes.

    I have a dessert recipe site ready and Pinterest account with followers growing every day by about 50 and they are real followers so I can provide some good traffic but I'm looking someone to rewrite full unique recipes to my site so basically you rewrite recipes and I provide traffic. Best...
  13. S

    Which software do you use for writing and rewriting content?

    The title says it all! I personally use WordAi for rewriting content. I wanted to know which one is the best for both writing and rewriting articles. Please help me out. Thank you!
  14. A

    hi, everybody!! My name is articlemachine n i'm a writer rewriter from fiverr

    Hi, heard a lot about this forum. My name is articlemachine and i wish i lived in disney land and everybody would be happy. byeeeee
  15. C

    Best Content Re-Writers

    Hi Gang, It's no secret that we love spinning and rewriting content with any tools we can get our hands on. I was curious which content re-writers you guys have used and think is the best. I know this was asked months ago and TBS (The Best Spinner) was the most recommended. Is that still the...
  16. R

    I pay good money for FRENCH writing-rewriting !!! (I don't need 100% perfect French)

    - Hi ! I need a French writer-rewriter for contents like bookmarks, articles, long articles. (for a short, medium or long term business) I pay Good money ! More than the average ;) As it is for SERP's only, your French has not to be 100% perfect. And if you know what you do, it...
  17. R

    I pay you $25 for 1800 words about anxiety/depression !!!

    - Hi everyone, I pay you $25 to write a 1800 words article about "How to Overcome Depression". You can RE-write anything you want by taking existing content ONLY : ---> if the article makes very good sense and is totally related to ""How to Overcome Depression" "How to get rid of...
  18. R

    I pay you $25 to rewrite a 883 words text !!!

    - My content is a 883 words text and I need you spin it in good English, and of course it has to make sense. It is for only ONE spun/rewrite. I could do that myself but I?m not a English native speaker so I count on you to make my content 95-99% in perfect English. I pay you...
  19. P

    Article Rewriting Services- 100% quality articles starting from $1

    Thread Closed due to posting in the wrong section.
  20. Genghis John

    Quick Best Spinner Question

    Do you know how you can "generate spinner variations" on an article already spun on the sentence level inside of SEnuke? Well, how could I do that just inside of The Best Spinner? Obviously SEnuke can do it, but I've never got this to work using "everyone's favorites" inside of TBS before. An...
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