1. uhq

    What are the biggest digital flips (personal) you have ever made? $$$$$$$

    Looking to sprout a conversation, would love to hear your stories. What is the biggest personal digital flip you’ve made in terms of an ROI? This is directed towards people who resell for a living. There are a lot of people who earn big money daily, and this would be a good inspiration for the...
  2. Dot Mirror LTD

    ⭕ Start Your Own SEO Agency with ✅ Dot Mirror Link Building Agency ⭐️ 10% Commissions or Resell Our Service to Anywhere ✅ 24/7 Support

    Are you passionate about link-building and SEO services? Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to earn while promoting high-quality solutions? Look no further! Dot Mirror, a leading link-building agency, is thrilled to introduce our dynamic affiliate program, offering you a chance to...
  3. A

    How to sell followers on IG as middleman?

    Hi. I was thinking of starting to sell followers and stuff like that as a middleman on IG. I have seen a lot of different pages which advertise their smmpanels or just sell followers in general and I also want to get involved, but I don't know which panel is best to use (i live in eu so i...
  4. Hubery

    [Discussion] Earn $1,000 a month in profits from cross-border resale of sneakers

    一、Background introduction Hi Folks, I have been in BHW for several months, and read a lot of articles in the "make money" section, but did not see related articles about sneaker resale, only read a thread about a bro sharing that he resells Rolex watches experience in Europe, that's pretty cool...
  5. razharov

    Resell fiverr services?

    Hey everyone, my question is, that I had an idea to create a website where I resell fiverr services. for example in my country, Germany, not many ppl know fiverr. Method is easy, I just create a website, manually add items to a woocomerce store, translate the names, create better images do...
  6. fxony

    Replica Sneakers Resell Online - Website?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask here on forums, have someone ever had website reselling store, worldwide? I wanted to start this business a year ago, i have setup website alredy, have hosting and good domain, now i just need motivation because i abadoned it as i said year ago.. I alredy have...
  7. snapaco

    Do you have already resell services of other freelancer ? (multi-services agency)

    Hi, I want to know if you have already doing this type of business. My idea is to call a online society and to purpose my service like to make a logo, an better SEO for their website while subcontracting to an specialized freelancer... I think I have already seeing this type of business in a...
  8. shiboshy

    ✨Resell Now✨ Make Money & Turn ANY Tech/SEO Blog to a SEO & SMM Agency! ($50) ✅Get 30+ SEO/SMM Services Added ✅$75 Credit to Our...

    If you ever wanted to start your reselling journey, you are on the right place! You couldn't pick a reliable provider that completes services in a timely manner? Looking for a provider with decent prices? This is your chance, act now! This is a turnkey and quick solution if you want to become...
  9. E


    I use websites in my country which have cheap Products. Those sites put my company name and my price on the package making my life a lot easier. These websites operate only within my country. I am looking for similar websites to sell products in the United States.
  10. Wagggi

    Experiences with peaker? (Youtube Views)

    Hi, Im currently working with paytosmm but they got very bad (Orders stuck in Proccesing support is doing #noreply) Does anyone has experiences with Peaker or a Similar Panel which offers Views for 0.40-.0.80 ct?
  11. Intexam

    Which SMM panel script is reliable for reselling? And can I connect it with two panels?

    Hi, I am looking for a reliable SMM panel script to resell SMM services. Which one would you recommend? My other questions are: 1) Can I directly connect the script with SMM service provider easily or do I need a coder? 2) Can I use that script to connect it with two providers? Looking to...
  12. BigH

    HOW do I GET a portofolio?

    I'm interested in reselling graphics on a freelance website but since my activity is going to be reselling through task delegation, how can I create/provide myself a portfolio to attract customers? Is there a way to create a portfolio for me and then receive orders?
  13. FrankyOne

    Would you start a webdev agency by outsourcing ?

    Hello all, I would like to ask you if you have ever managed a web agency (a front-end business) using freelancers available nowadays on the most popular platforms. As you may already know, there are a few factors that limit a freelancer' success and push him/her to find employment as an...
  14. Gial

    Reselling YOUR services in MY country

    Hello guys I currently have a marketing agency that offers more high tickets services (Fb Ads,Funnel ecc...) I would like to resell some services from sellers here on BHW,some smaller services,in order to have an offer that can suit more potential clients in order to start creating trust...
  15. sohom

    [Method] Make $xx per Day by Reselling Windows/Linux Servers | (minimal investment, newbie friendly)

    [Method] Make $xx / Day by Reselling Windows/Linux Servers | (minimal investment, newbie friendly) Hello BHW fellows I assume, title explains all, so lets begin. ## Steps ## 1) Get a buyer/client 2) Charge him more than the actual Linux Server Costs 3) Then use that money to buy a Linux...
  16. el_Greco

    LF- Advice on reselling services

    Hello BHW, Today I got an offer from a web development and design company about hiring me as a freelancer, with a 20% commission per sale. Sounds good to me but the catch is that they want me to call clients to "close more sales". They provide a business email and a phone app which I can call...
  17. xStewie

    Reselling on G2A (problem)

    Hello . I want to start reselling digital products on G2A marketplace but im facing with a big problem: When i want to list a product it requires me to be a "business" with the consequences of having to submit my vat and all that stuff OF MY COMPANY , also uploading those documents but i don´t...
  18. salesintelreport

    Product Suggestions for Ebay and Dropshipping

    I have a system that I'd love to share here, but I just wanted to check first that it's okay with the forum rules. I have a huge database full of sales data from around the web. It basically contains millions of items which have sold tens of thousands of units per item from various different...
  19. Vybra

    ✔✔✔ Start Making $$$ with Your Own Digital Marketing Agency™ │ WORLDWIDE AND LOCAL ✔✔✔

  20. S

    Software reselling?

    Hello, blackhatters. Do any of you have experience reselling any kind of software? Because I just came across this article about reselling vpn software and it reminded me of people also reselling video games and I was curious to find out about more options like that. If anyone has some tips or...
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