1. ensky

    For Google SEO, How to write the most relevant article ?

    Google said: Google's goal is to return the best and most relevant results to people. But how to write the most relevant article? Sometimes I thought it will be the most relevant, but the performance in the google search console is very poor. so when i choose one niche, how to make the whole...
  2. thecreativewebs

    [Giveaway] Exclusive handmade 5 Free High quality Niche Relevant Blog Comments

    Hi all BHW Users, Now we are giving Spam Free Niche Related Blog comment Comment For Every single Person of BHW. 5 free high quality Niche Related Blog comments Backlinks to your loving website . What to do to get Niche Blog Comments ? Note: Just Post to Thread and Wait For our PM...
  3. roxblade

    What's a good alternative to AdSense for a small website?

    If Google AdSense is not an option and my website displays content that might be (sometimes) objectionable, then what is a good PPC ad network I should sign up with? My website is fairly small, with 100-120 hits per day only (it's 8 months old). I would like the ads to be contextual or ad least...
  4. FutureProofSeo

    Technique For Niche Relevant Backlinks

    Howdy, This is not a new technique, but it might help some people out. Here is a simple technique to get niche relevant links to your site, nice and simple, not much messing around. The basic idea is to create a niche relevant directory, give it some decent SEO to make it "look high value"...
  5. T

    How much relevant content on bought high PR sites?

    Hi, I've bought a few PR3+ sites and I have a few questions regarding making those sites relevant and link back to my site. At the moment I have just installed a Twenty Twelve theme and written a relevant article to my niche on the Home page that contains about 800 words. I've added some...
  6. youtalk

    Google Returned Results

    I've been noticing this coming up a lot on items that I have listed on my website. "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 19 already displayed. If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included." So if a user...
  7. E

    Is the date relevant?

    If I post an article today, but wait say a week or two to start using it for article marketing will the results be different then if I just started advertising it the same day?
  8. bhatsuccess

    Squidoo Trick to Getting Highly Relevant Backlinks to your Website

    All my method, I've been using this recently and it's working well for me. Step 1: Create a lens on any niche you're currently promoting. Most of us link our Squidoo back to our money sites so make sure the lens has the same exact primary keyword as your money site. Step 2: Once you create the...
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