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    This is not a new technique, but it might help some people out.

    Here is a simple technique to get niche relevant links to your site, nice and simple, not much messing around. The basic idea is to create a niche relevant directory, give it some decent SEO to make it "look high value", links etc, then offer free listings in return for reciprocal links.

    The Twist
    The reciprocal snippet (that they must add), must be to your money site/tier 1, not to the directory. So you get niche targeted links to your site, for minimum effort.
    It is a great drip feed boost, and when a directory is niche related, you only ever get 100% niche related links to your site. And as people submitting to directories are normally doing SEO for themselves, their pages are increasing with value all the time, so the links become more valuable over time.

    For an added bonus, you can request that all return links are from the homepage, maximising the returning link.

    You can also optimise your new directory for wording/url etc, to target fellow marketers. Look for tutorials teaching people how to acquire links and play up to it. For example, often you will see tutorials telling you to search for: KW "free" inurl:"links", to find pages to place your link. This is a footprint. Recreate these footprints in your site for maximum results.

    If you are in a niche you have expertise in, then you should be able to think like someone after these links, eg what they search for, what they want to see, etc.

    I would recommend using manual submissions, especially if your site is fairly new, so you can review linking sites, to make sure they will not incur a penalty onto you, when your sites link profile grows, then this becomes less of an issue, as it's just one bad drop in your link ocean :)

    You could even no follow the link if you would rather be on the safe side to add some diversity.

    Hope you find this useful ;)
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    very interesting