1. L

    Hiring - $1k per referral

    Hi everyone, I run a graphic design agency which offers design subscriptions ( - for each referral that leads to a purchase, we're offering 1000$ in cash. If you are well connected professionally or have previous experience in affiliate marketing, this could be a great opportunity for...
  2. L

    Hiring - $1k per referral

    Hi everyone, I run a graphic design agency which offers design subscriptions ( - for each referral that leads to a purchase, we're offering 1000$ in cash. If you are well connected professionally or have previous experience in affiliate marketing, this could be a great opportunity for...
  3. appcowz

    "Flip" bots, why has no one done this yet?

    There's a new shopping app called "Flip" that has been experiencing astronomic growth in the US thanks to its extremely generous referral policy. For referring a user, you can get paid between $50-$200 dollars. It's not real cash, you need to use it in the app. But it could be used to buy...
  4. C

    [Journey] Making a (gay) porn tube with affiliate links to dating and cams

    Hello all, I wouldn't necessarily call it a "journey," but more of an experiment in trying to dip my toes in the water of affiliate referrals. I know the porn tube, gay niche or not, with basic pay site referrals is old hat by now because of all of t he free content out there. The lurking I...
  5. ccukraine2022

    Can I referral myself on the TEMU app?

    Sorry for my English not good. I currently own a phone farm with more than 200 devices TEMU app is paying a lot for referrers. I tried to referral myself, but only a few times TEMU accepted. The security of TEMU is quite high, I have tried many ways but most of them are detected. Do you know any...
  6. D referral program

    Hi, is anybody already try referral program ? They said you can earn nice money if you bring new models...
  7. midblackgop

    Want to join at mediahub

    Hi! I want to join at mediahub . network for promoting their offer, but, It seems they not approve new publishers without any referral. That's why I am looking for someone who already working on this network , so he/she can refer me. If anyone here please help me to get an account there...
  8. richdaddy7

    Looking for help with our Referral program for creators

    Hello there. :) I am looking for a little help or an idea. I believe you are more advanced in affiliate marketing here than I am. We are creating a platform for creators similar to OnlyFans or Patreon. I hope I can mention them. Here is a screenshot from the affiliate panel (we are...
  9. D

    I Wrote a 30 page (will update much more) intro guide to MTurk/making money online

    Hello all, I spent my Sunday writing this for a few friends, figured I'd share it here! It's basically a guide on how I've been using my quarantine time to make extra cash online, and has about 5...
  10. Kairos Vardoger

    The 10 Affiliate Commandments

    For my Reflink Affiliate website I am trying to find out the most profitable way to earn money. I need a good set up strategy plan from start to finish, step by step! Something like this: The 10 Affiliate Commandments Pick a niche Keyword research Find good products to promote Get yourself...
  11. M

    "Referral Link Invite Friends"

    Hi, as you know there are sites where if you invite a friend to register you can earn money (ex 10 € for an invitation). Do you know if there is a way to register multiple times with my reference link? I tried to register with my second email to make money but it told me it was a false...
  12. FindDIY

    Has Anyone Looked At Free Money Referral Programs?

    I see a lot of posts about making money with this method, that method, doing things that may get you banned, etc. etc. One thing that most people know well is money. Why not advertise programs that are giving it to users for free? You can offer users free money on almost any niche. Obviously...
  13. R

    Best Referral Network Uncapped Free Signups

    Hi, I was curious about networks / survey sites / GPT sites that have unlimited & high paying referrals that payout. Lifetime commission, sub referrals, etc. would be even better. Preferably free to sign up, also. If anyone has any experience with this I would be truly grateful.
  14. jawnyh

    Looking for Free Wordpress Referral Program Plugin

    As the title says, I am looking for a Wordpress referral program plugin to track and pay referrals that lead to sales. I am aware of AffiliateWP but the price point is quite high, does anyone know of a free alternative?
  15. aggin

    Coinsbit 2000 CNB For a Sign UP - 5 days left

    The largest crypto exchange in Eastern Europe - Coinsbit. is launching its own token. Token Distribution: - 1. AirDrop for registered users: 500,000,000 CNB. (already finished) - 2. Referral system with bonuses in CNB Coin: 1,000,000,000 CNB. (Ending on 25 December) 5 days left till the...
  16. Bookmaker

    Does this count?

    Hi If someone clicks on my referral link it shows my ref number on the Internet address. But if he/she clicks on the main page then it disappears, also if he/she clicks on register then. Will this count as ref or not then?
  17. D

    WTH - USA whatsapp marketer

    Hi, I have a service discounted uber referral for usa consumers 10$ off every ride looking for someone to advertise the service on relevant group and contacts on usa I can give special promo code to track performance then pay paypal 1$ for each paying customer. HMU in pm to get started
  18. Adivertising

    Referral Content Locker

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know any content locker for wordpress or any script that works like this: Share the site with a friend and gain access to the section after the friend/s have visited the site or have taken certain actions.
  19. market88

    Your Copy to Pitch Airbnb Hosts

    Hi BHW, As part of my other thread "My Journey with "KICK-ASS Copywriting Secrets Of A Marketing Rebel" by John Carlt" I decided to write a somewhat short piece to sell "Airbnb Hosting." I just wrote it today, a few hours ago so I can't tell you any results. It is a program wherein Airbnb...
  20. M

    Affiliate Links on Instagram?

    I'm currently growing this Instagram page of a certain niche. I was thinking, what if I posted an Amazon affiliate/referral link in the description of the photos I upload? Not in a spammy way. First line is the product name, 2nd line is a short description, 3rd line would be the "buy link"...
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