referral marketing

  1. Octo Browser Referral

    Octo Browser Referral

    Octo Browser Referral
  2. GoLogin

    500 Websites with Affiliate Programs

    Hello community. Attached PDF is a selection of 500 websites with affiliate programs for different verticals and niches. Affiliate networks are sorted into categories offering an program. If you're interested, I'll upload more. Virustotal...
  3. brough

    [METHOD] Referrer Spam 2023: $100/week (Scalable & Blackhat)

    Hello BHW community, I have been mostly lurking around here for the past year or so, trying different methods and products, shopping around. And I finally was able to hit a home run. So it is time to give back. This method is by no means new, but I have never seen anybody ever talk about it, so...
  4. CyberCommander

    best self hosting referral software?

    Hi guys Whats the best referral software for online shops wfich you can self host on the own webspace? It should be possible that users, webmasters and influencers can generate an affiliate link with discount and if someone use it, i pay them a provision.
  5. Kairos Vardoger

    The 10 Affiliate Commandments

    For my Reflink Affiliate website I am trying to find out the most profitable way to earn money. I need a good set up strategy plan from start to finish, step by step! Something like this: The 10 Affiliate Commandments Pick a niche Keyword research Find good products to promote Get yourself...
  6. T

    Referral Marketing: An Actionable Guide

    Referral marketing is a technique (for some, a marketing channel) that enables loyal clients and advocates to refer their network to your company in exchange of rewards. Referral marketing has the same effect as word-of-mouth, but is initiated and managed by a company. The rewards offered to...
  7. S

    (Instagram) Giveaway Tool - Upviral. Any reviews?

    Hi ! So I plan to start a viral like marketing campaign on Instagram. Something like "Invite 5 of your friends and get 100% off coupon in your inbox" My account will be barely new having 100 followers around. How soon should I run such kind of giveaway? No dropshipping - we manufacture stuff...
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