1. Kaine

    Best Fake Referrer Site

    Hi everyone, while commenting on another thread I came across a pretty promising site: So I don't know if it's the best in the genre but you may be able to refer us to the best site, service or method (script) offering us a similar service. This kind of thing can allow to...
  2. U

    How to fake referer?

    I wanna do Job posting method and send cpa link through email replies. How do I hide this from affiliate network? I think i have to cloak or fake referer? How to do this? Should i buy cheap traffic to lower conversion rate ? If so where? Thanks
  3. M

    Traffic with blank referer

    Hi! I search traffic site like with custom settings (set blank/null referer) and geo targeting.
  4. CynicalWize

    [Solution] Blank/Fake/Spoof Referrer

    Here is how to convert BlackHat traffic into WhiteHat traffic I've been looking for a long time for a solution to change the referrer from any traffic. Finally, I found, where you can change the referer only with a link. Currently high authority sites/referrers such as...
  5. conexur

    Hide or fake referer

    Hi: Happy holidays for everyone! I have a legit source of traffic but all the visitors come from same domain and I think this will be a problem in the future, so I want to appear more natural and dilute the referer on different domains. At this moment I have coded a simple php script with an...
  6. Mr.Charles

    Chrome extensions to work as a pro in Affiliation and CPA

    Extensions: Ghostery To block analytics and web crawlers . GeoProxy and Hola for change IP User-Agent Switcher for change user agent Proxy for Chrome and Proxy SwichyOmega for proxy conection Referer Control for Change Referer Wappalizer utility that uncovers the technologies used on...
  7. Mr.Charles

    WP PROFIT REDIRECT | AIO plugin Cloaking, Clone Landing, Popup, Track, Rotation And Page Jacker

    Much has changed since my first release, and we are going through version 2 and soon I will launch the 3, with some incredible changes, I have many satisfied customers and they making good money. That is what I am trying to do, to offer good services within the reach of all people, without the...
  8. Matzedoon

    backlink click / referrer click = is there a difference ?

    Oke so this is the question... I try to explain it the best way possible so here's a hypothetical scenario You have a backlink on that points to your money site if you go to and find the link in there and click to get to...
  9. J

    Free Spoofing (Google, Twitter & more)

    My service, Hide Referrer, offers Free (and ad-free) Spoofing & Blanking of traffic sources. Check
  10. J

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc)

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc) No ads & 100% free! Go to
  11. J

    How show popup only target referer visits?

    Hi, is possible in javascript show popup only target visits? For example: if visits comes of facebook, i show popup in page, if visits comes of google i not show popup. English is not my native language. Thanks in advance.
  12. bankole1

    Custom referer problems

    There is a script on my webpage that loads an image from another server. The problem is that the script only loads this image when it is being refereed from the same server that the image is loading from. I sent some traffic to the page from hitleap with the custom referer set to the site the...
  13. J

    Any ref URLs ???

    If you have any good website or anything that works and you want referers to your link or anything. I will ref your link and we both will ENJOY $$:) Add me on skype ( mmatt1330 ) if you cannot post the link in the this site or just pm me. Thanks
  14. clickwhale

    Is this referer assumption right? Involves = Iframe + Redirection + Referer

    Hi guys, Tell me if this is correct... 1) Let's say loads my vendor's sales page in an iframe. 2) But the iframe is loaded as a redirection. Meaning the iframe's src would be ="" which is actually redirected to vendor's site as a normal affiliate...
  15. popzzz

    [TUT and CODE][UPDATED 2013] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referrer Script #2

    [TUT and CODE][UPDATED 2013]★★★ How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referrer Script #2 by popzzz and JohnsonDaniel via ..... popzzz ~ This is a continuation from the thread by JohnsonDaniel (MIA last known post 9/6/2013 that I know of) [TUT and CODE][UPDATED...
  16. JohnsonDaniel

    [TUT and CODE][UPDATED 2013] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referrer Script

    This is an update to this thread, posted in 2011: [TUT and CODE]★★★ How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referer Any Offer, Fake Referrer Script In that thread there were two issues: 1. Some of the code resulted in junk being appended to the link if there were no parameters used. The code was...
  17. S

    Analytics Ref Spam

    Hi, I have had an increase in referer spam on one of my sites lately. Guess this maybe coming more common now as real time stats has ref field on the dashboard (on mine anyway). Does anybody know of a tool to get into the Analytics referer field (I do know there are tools for straight HTTP...
  18. C

    statpress blogs: referrer are strange domains

    When i look at my logs, in the referrer section I keep seeing strange domains that do not have any link at my site as the referers. I read something about people doing it and then asking for reciprocal links but nobody has ask me for one. Any idea?
  19. G

    fake referrer php script

    Ok, I have a script here which fakes the referer, I have tested it with a url shortener and it seems to work fine (it sets the referrer to what it should). What I plan to do is set up a site especially for the 'fake' referrer so it looks all legit and source of traffic from elsewhere by running...
  20. Z

    What fraud detection mechanisms youtube has in place?

    Hey, I work for a company that tries to deliver legit views for youtube videos. We work as a publisher network where anyone can signup and post our videos on their websites and make money. Trouble is some of these publishers might do dodgy stuff to make more money. All of our views on the...
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