What fraud detection mechanisms youtube has in place?

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    I work for a company that tries to deliver legit views for youtube videos. We work as a publisher network where anyone can signup and post our videos on their websites and make money. Trouble is some of these publishers might do dodgy stuff to make more money. All of our views on the youtube video show up from our own domain where our javascript lives that embeds our own flash player which plays youtube videos through u2b flash API. A lot of times our stats and youtube views don't match. I'm wondering if youtube would "blacklist" our referrer domain and discount views coming from it? Or would it not care about such trivial things because it knows referrers can easily be faked and someone with bad intentions could blacklist someone else's domains. I tend to think that youtube would only care about the video itself and the IPs that send the traffic.. Maybe if it would see that there's few likes or comments it "discounts" some of those views to keep the counter from growing.

    Any tips, ramblings, insights very welcome.